September 1st, 2009


Bento # 609

Not the most inspired bento.. I tried to make flowers out of the conchili, but they looked more like some weird turtles in the end...

Bento # 609
Bento # 609
Star noodles with veggies and pesto. Checken nuggets adorned with Bone Picks, Corn cob. Cinammoroll-shaped egg, sweet chili sauce for the nuggets and some fruit salad with a watermelon Pooh on top

"Normal" pfff

Yesterday my first grader asked me if she could have a "normal" lunch. (i.e. no moshi or lychee or onigiri) Me? Normal? Well, I tried my best.

Peanut butter and honey "fish" sandwiches, asian pear, blueberries and strawberries, sugar snaps.

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this is my 2nd attempt at making a bento in my new bento boxes, and my first attempt at posting here. i am trying to get into bento-ing mostly to ensure i actually pack my lunch instead of buying overpriced crap... but also bc a cute lunch just cheers me up mid day really. this page has really been an inspiration to me starting out.

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top is roast pork over green beans, with apple sauce and red chili jelly for dipping in the flower. bottom has a babybell and peanuts on the end, half a peach, blueberries, champagne grapes, and plain yogurt with a plastic cherry for decoration.

Bento #s 5 and 6

Two more bentos for me and my mom!

Top: Babybell Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, and Dried Apricots
Bottom: Roast Beef and carrot sandwiches


Top: Carrot and Dried Green Beans
Bottom: Roast Beef and carrot sandwiches and babybell cheese

If anyone out there has a good teriyaki chicken recipe I'd love it! I really want to make some.

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