August 31st, 2009

Last week's box

The first week of school was tough for boxes because I didn't have much to work with. It was just days before grocery day and I had to tough it out. I think I did ok with what I had, even if it lacks color variety.

Fashion Show Bento


Yesterday (Aug 30th), my sister and I participated in a Fashion Show to benefit a local Autism organization. My family goes to the hair salon that hosted the show and a few weekends ago I received a frantic call from my mother — she had volunteered me to walk on the runway, representing the 1940s (the show was “Fashion through the Eras” and had 1920s, 40s, 60s, 80s, Present, and Future styles). I went to the training on the 16th and then more models dropped out and I was asked to volunteer my sister. I convinced my sister to join the Show because she had done fashion shows before for Girl Scouts and I liked the idea of having someone there that I knew to be there with me. I don’t use this salon so I didn’t know anyone here. My sister represented the 1920s, which was perfect because she had a flapper outfit from the year prior!

Long story short, my sister is shy. I made this bento to give her something to look forward to and to calm her nerves. Plus I love making and planning bento (seriously, I was planning this bento all week) and since she started college recently, she’s been getting into bento as well. I bought this bento off of Yahoo! Japan for like $5. There wasn’t anything for size comparison (though I should have read 重箱/ピクニック遠足…) and when I received it I was surprised at the size. This was the perfect opportunity to use it and I love the fact that it’s clear and that the lid is raised up so bento items that stick up can still fit when the box is closed. I felt so proud when people were asking us “who made it?”, “where did you buy it?”, and when I replied that I made it, everyone was so shocked and exclaimed it was “sooo cute!” and “a shame to eat!”. I assured them I had taken plenty of pictures before handing the box to my sister.

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20 minutes bento

Procrastination seems to present itself to me in form of seemingly useful things. I was about to do some chores around here, and got hungry. Decided onigiri were quick, yummy, and more or less healthy. Decided when I already made onigiri, I might as well make a bento. Right.
Now I have no excuses, though.

+ Bonito-flavoured onigiri
+ peas and heart-carrots
+ a fresh fig
+ soysauce in applecontainer

Grand beginnings!

First post, first day of high school and first bento! How exciting.

Mini nigiri--squashed mini-onigiri-mold sumeshi tied to a thin layer of tamagoyaki omelet using some nori. Placed on a bed of healthy lettuce to finish~. Also some broccoli scraps encasing strawberries (lightly covered in lemon juice for some delicious tang and perseveration), beside rolls of honey-baked ham shiskabob'd with toothpicks. In the little green container there are two dried desert dates (<3) and two.. supplement vitamins...
Not what I was hoping to make, but still pretty healthy and yummy. :3 <3

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bento #3

i haven't been able to use a better camera, so please settle for this bento that i brought for my meal at work today (taken with my cell phone). it also got a little jostled in transport. :)

top is tuna salad with black beans, corn, peas, rice vinegar, garlic powder and a little black pepper, topped with tomatos. next to that we have carrot sticks (my fav) with peas. bottom is brown rice onigri, carrot sticks, and peas again. with a little tomato on the side. i really need to get some fnacy veg cutters soon.

thanks for looking. :)
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Bento #s 3 and 4

Hey. I haven't posted in a while but school starts tomorrow and I need a lunch! Hope to make many bentos this year. Here are some for me and my mom.

Top: Sunmaid Raisins, Waffle cooking and some celery
Bottom: Some sandwich rolls and cherry tomatoes.

Basically the same stuff in a different container.

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Bento again!

Today's Bento is simple but probably delicious. I hope.

It simply consists of:
- Mixed Salad with corn and turkey slices
- a bowl of garlic sauce (right corner)
- a bowl of mixed fruits in sweet sauce
- decorated with a marzipan rose and marzipan leafs
- and a little chocolate-ghost (Halloween! :D)
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sharing is fun - and cute!

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hello hello! I sadly didn't have time to take a shot of today's bentos this morning, but I do have some shots from thursday and friday last week that I haven't had a chance to share yet!

this is my husband's lunch from thursday. I worked from home that day, so didn't make a bento for myself.

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I also have to squee for a second and share that I was at michael's craft store tonight for non-bento purposes, and happened to find a lot of wee cutter sets in their cake-making aisle (intended for fondant). I was so happy to finally find some tiny cutters that I bought a set of star-shaped ones, and I have just finished cutting out a whole buncha lil' star coins and star shapes from a big fat carrot. I can hardly wait to incorporate some edible whimsy into our lunches tomorrow morning!! :D :D :D YAY!!
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lunch for the second day of school (and work)

These are the lunches that I packed tonight in prep for tomorrow, the second day of school.

The laptop lunchbox is my daughter's. The large back container is broccoli and cheese rice. The small back container is pieces of seasoned porkchop. The large container in the foreground has peach-applesauce and fresh baby carrots in. The small container in the foreground has trailmix and a small piece of chocolate. The saucer container has ranch for dipping the baby carrots. The bottle has vanilla soymilk.

The hello kitty box is basically the same thing (minus the packaged applesauce and trailmix) for my SO to take to work (those carrots have been cooked, which is why they look darker).