August 30th, 2009


Udon with shiitake and onions

And a new one :3

+ Stir-fried udon with shiitake and spanish onions (at least my dictionary says that's what they're called in English!) in slightly sweet sauce with carrot-stars
+ A chicken-star (that'll slide into his hole in the noodles after the photo-session)
+ A cloud-shaped egg that was supposed to be star-shaped (what's up with my eggs? They're supposed to be L sized, but they definately aren't.)
+ Yellow bell-peppers
+ Fresh figs
+ Seasoning

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Bento # 608

Don't you love when you find a potato that LOOKS like something? I was totally in love with this heart-shaped one, but didn't realy know what to use if for... But then it became this little fellow :)

Bento # 608
Bento # 608
Heart-shaped potato decorated with sausage. Fried pangasius fillets, heartshaped cucumbers. Fruit salad. "telephone cord" pasta with pesto, decorated with a cheese moon and bell pepper stars.

Back into the bento swing of things

It's been a long time. I took a break over the summer but the kids are back in school so I'm playing with food again.
This lunch was inspired by the carrot. I sliced it lengthwise on a whim and when I saw the slices I knew it had to be the trunk of a palm tree. :)

Champagne grapes, strawberry, sharp cheddar, deli ham, moci, roasted edamame, brown sweet rice,
fruit leather letters, carrot and sugar snap pea palm tree with a longan for a coconut. :)