August 29th, 2009

Hello Bento

Simple and easy bentos!

My goal for last week was to pack three bentos but I only packed two; I packed a plain old lunch the other three days. My bentos will be quite simple for a few weeks until I get used to classes for this Fall and learn how much food I need to pack! I hope over this Fall term my bento boxes will become more complex food-wise and visually...but I have to start somewhere!

Bento 1

Contents: peanutbutter & jelly sandwich rolls, blueberries and grapes, quick pickled cucumbers on a bed of lettuce and red peppers. 

Bento 2

Contents: blueberries, grapes, carrots, cheese and turkey flowers to eat on the crackers.

First Bento here

After several years I have tried to make bento today. It is with Whiskey-Honey-Chicken, a recipe originally from apple_gardenso I have to say thank you very much, it is really awesome :]

- Whiskey-Honey-Chicken
- Rice
- Maki filled with Whiskey-Honey-Chicken, too :]
- 3 lettuce leafs
- some cress
- Jack Daniels Whiskey Barbecue-Sauce (Hot Chili)

Second box:
- Strawberrys
- Blueberrys
- Grapes
- chocolate-sauce
- vanilla-sauce
- a marzipan Pumpkin :] (because Halloween is so near! .... ^^)
- and three gummi bears
sailor v

A bento after not posting a while..

Fried rice, general tso's chicken, thinly sliced carrot. There's some cuke pieces, gyoza, kiwi and a tiny tiny tomato. It looks yummy. The orange fruit is a...tangelo? I could be wrong. It looks like a funny shaped orange, I don't remember the name. The chinese is leftover from lunch paired with some fruit and veggies to make it a bit healthier for the boyfriend.