August 27th, 2009


Bento # 606

Still suffering from the "empty Fridge" syndrome.. so no lettuce or other pretty things today.. but I think I did well with the dwindling materials...

Bento # 606
Bento # 606
Peas, surimi in slices/sticks, water melon in Pooh-shapes. Beef patty with cheese decoration. Alphabet pasta with ketchup, decorated with potato slices, parsley and a radish-daruma.

Blog Newb

Hey folks, I am new to blogging/journals/chat rooms but here is my first try. I make bento lunches for my daughter and me; here is an example. They are rarely fancy, hence my name bentobubba. Bentos for the everyday person... I do it for the geometry of it, the portion control, the lack of trash afterwards, and the envy of coworkers.  :-)

Peanut butter and graham crackers, blueberries, raisins, a fig bar, broccoli and tomates w/ ranch dressing below, and some egg/rice/cheese omelet. Mmmmm. What do you think? 

Tuesday's lunches

I'm a little behind on my postings. These are from Tuesday. Below is a picture of my husband's lunch - I'm slowing starting to warm him up to taking cute bentos to work. He still doesn't want a cute box (believes there are thieves at work), but I'm trying to dress things up. This is a yummy veggie chili I made and to dress it up, I made some cheese stars for him.

Then there is my lunch. It's the last of the pasta salad from my last bento, but I dressed it up with more inverted cucumbers, tomatoes, and edamame.

The really cute part is the box - it's my other new Monokuro Boo bento box.
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Bento # 607

This is one of the rare occasions where the whole bento forms a picture. They're not easy to do, but when I'd placed the leek and the meatloaf it struck me that it looked like hair or feathers or something... so I decided to run with that idea...

Bento # 607
Bento # 607
Cooked leek. Meatloaf in bits. Kritharaki/Orzo cooked in tomato/hoi sin sauce. Decorated with quail egg, cherry tomatoes and a bit of cucumber.