August 26th, 2009

Maneki Neko Bento

Bento # 605

This is without doubt the most pathetic bento I've made in a long time :( BUT.. my excuses are legio:
1) I made this after coming home from work at 2 am.
2) It's close to pay-day and my fridge was echoingly empty
3) The corn cob I'd planned to use had been given to our pet rats while I was away

Sooo... all things considered.. it could have been worse. Not much, but it could ;)

Bento # 605
Bento # 605
Conchili tricolore pasta with pesto, grated cheese, peas and spring onions. Kitty-shaped kiwi, mini-grissini, fish fillet with remoulade and a cucumber Kitty

Hachi MC

It's Been A While Since My First Bento....

....And I have so much to share!


I made this one today for tomorrow's lunch!

Contents Left Compartment: Green bean and fake bolognae tulips, bunny made from boiled egg (and egg yolk for nose) with carrots and noodles, all in a bed of mixed fried rice and lo mein left overs.

Contents Right Compartment: Bunny made from boiled egg soaked in soy sauce to dye with carrots for the ears, eyes and nose. Also date/almond dessert and grapes

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Lunch lunch lunch

Here is a lunch I made in my trusty hamburger lunchbox (under cut)


Sorry about the weird pictureness. I had my 60mm micro lens on my camera and I was too busy to change it.
Noodles with cucumber, red pepper, green pepper, smoked chicken and egg on top.
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sharing is fun - and cute!

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aaaand... here's today's pictures. ^_^

husband's lunch today. hummus with cucumber and carrot on top, red pepper slices, more cucumber, and more carrots. I was originally trying to re-make the fish design, and then it just kind of... happened.

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I have to say, after making these all week, I have been timing myself. it takes me 40-50 minutes to do both of our lunches in the mornings. am I just really slow, or does it truly take about 20 mins per box, on average? the kawaii bento book I got has 15-25 min boxes, so... perhaps just cuz I am doing so much cooking the morning of, it's taking longer?

(not that I am complaining, mind you - that's totally time well-spent for nutritious & delicious lunches, it just surprised me is all).