August 25th, 2009


Back to School Bakugan


Kidlet wanted a Bakugan bento for his first day of 3rd grade. He asked for the Pyrus symbol so that is made of cheese and is on top of a soy ham sandwich next to carrots, cucumber, checkered apple, grapes, and cherries. There is also some Cheerios snack mix underneath the sandwich :)


Bento #2

Day 2 is here. I was worried that I had given my daughter too much to eat yesterday, but she came home and had eaten everything except 2 crackers and a few raisins. I often forget how much a little belly can really hold...

Today's lunch was: Turkey bologna and American cheese with mustard on wheat, dried apricots, Cheetos, and My Little Ponies fruit snacks (that is a few slices of dried apricot in the cup with them). The little hearts on the bears were in the fruit snack mix.

and now, a healthy bento~

fresh fresh bento~, originally uploaded by G uillotine.

for tomorrow. 
I'm loving our strawberries and blueberries right now!
it's not all healthy though - see the onigiri? haha.

M <3 M - I'm michelle, my boyfriend's mark. haha.

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edited to add: I totally forgot to actually put what food was in here.
clockwise starting with: onigiri, honey mustard dressing, a salad with tomatos, cheese, carrots and red and orange peppers, strawberries.
not pictured: a lemon madeline from la madeline in a hello kitty bag.


A bento.


Due to life changes and other unforseen circumstances I haven't been packing an awful lot of bentos lately. Here is my first decent one in months, all packed up in my new box:

The bottom tier holds sunbutter and raspberry jam biscuit sandwiches surrounded by grapes and a couple of dried apricots. The top tier holds fried asparagus, pineapple cubes, and little chocolate bunny cookies. :)

Hopefully you will see more from me soon.


Keep it simple!

My boyfriend finally has a bit of extra spending cash so by next week I should be posting images of my bento in original bento boxes. Yay!
So, this is my last bento post using a regular plastic container (I hope).

DSCF1473.jpg picture by kurikuribebi

This little thing I threw together for tomorrow's lunch consists of: 1 boiled egg, udon, shrimp, a light vegi salad and a corn on the cob.

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This bento is for me! WOOO! My first in the actual bento box ^_^

In the top tier: Pasta with sauce, leftover from dinner.
In the bottom tier: Sausage leftovers, stir-fried with broccoli, onion, green bell pepper, and spring onion.

I'm so excited! It's gonna be delicious!

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