August 24th, 2009


Bento # 603

Today I found out that it's hard to see melted cheese on top of egg noodles *L* There's supposed to be a shooting star on top of them, but admittedly it's more than a little hard to see. Oh well, as long as it tastes good...

Bento # 603
Bento # 603
Chinese egg noodles with peas, decorated with a cheese- shooting star and some spices. Corn on the cob, roasted veal, kiwi stars and -moons. Sweet chili sauce in the penguin.


First day of school and first bento!!

My daughter started school today for the first time. So, to celebrate, I let her pick out her very own bento box from my stock collection and put it to use. (She loves pink, so she picked a pink bunny one.)

PB and grape jelly on wheat sandwiches cut into flowers, peanut butter crackers, raisins, and YoGos bits (which are some sort of yogurt fruity snack thing...) Lots of finger foods. Figured that was best for a kindergarten lunch time.

I  know it is simple, but I loved being able to make it for her, and that she loved seeing it when I finished. I look forward to making her lunch every day now.

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I'm moving out of my house so I have to empty out the freezer! I try to put everything in bentos :)

Corn, lentil burgers, mixed bell pepper, all from the freezer! Carrots, a prune, cucumber dividers and a cucumber heart on noodles with some sauce, some herbs for decoration.
Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #67

Contents: a couple of white rice onigiri, mixed veggies (carrot coins, cauliflower florets and cherry tomatoes) with a very happy soy sauce piggy, a sugar free coffee candy and a mini madeleine (these are so good!).

Whiskey-Honey-Chicken & Onigiri

Tada! After a year of no bento, here I go again - with nowhere to go to with it, but the urge of cooking bento again.

+ Whiskey-Honey-Chicken with carrot stars and spring onions
+ Twp bear-shaped Ume-Nori Onigiri (I'd really like such smiley punch-outs for nori :3 )
+ A flower-shaped egg that was supposed to be star-shaped
+ Three radish-shroomies
+ Physalis

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Old & new...

This one is from a while ago but I don't think I ever got around to posting it:

Breakfast - cherry yoghurt
Morning snack - almonds & dried apricots
Lunch - home made hamburger, frozen peas with BBQ sauce in the HK
Afternoon snack - sliced nectarine

This one was from last Friday:

Breakfast - steel cut oat "onigiri" with turkey sausage inside & cinnamon on top
Morning snack - celery with peanut butter, cucumber flower with red current center for decoration
Lunch - meatloaf in a sea of peas; natural yoghurt, sweetened with a little honey, topped with red currents for dessert
Afternoon snack - omelet with red bell peppers, celery, home grown spring (green) onion & herbs... rolled tamagoyaki style

Today's & tomorrows are identical, I made up two boxes at the same time to save time! Here's tomorrow's:

Breakfast - natural yoghurt, sweetened with honey, topped with frozen blueberries
Morning snack - white (no mold!!!) Stilton cheese with mango & ginger, dried apricots
Lunch - chicken (left over rotisserie from the store), couscous flavoured with spices, nuts & raisins, 1/2 tomato balloon for decoration; plum for dessert
Afternoon snack - omelet with home grown spring onion & herbs... rolled tamagoyaki style
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First bento of new schoolyear!

Hello all !

I'm happy to be able to make the first bento of this schoolyear again :D I missed it <3
Sadly today was actually first schoolday again, but was so hectic that I knew I didn't had any time to lunch, so a bento wasn't possible. But tommorow it will be!

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Bento # 604

Can you tell I just got a shipment from eBay today? LOL! A bunch of new cutters and a new egg shaper... so yeah well.. this bento is in shape *L*
Other than that, it's 99% leftovers from dinner...

Bento # 604
Bento # 604
Rice with curry sauce, decorated with two meatloaf slices cut out like Mickey and Minnie. Indian style fish curry decorated with a carrot Vinnie the Pooh. Cinnamoroll-shaped egg, peas and a cherry tomato.