August 23rd, 2009


Bentos for Monday

Tomorrow is my busiest day of the week, and since I'm on campus all day, I need to pack a lunch and a dinner. Below is a picture of my lunch. It's a yummy pasta salad that my husband created. I dressed it up with some cute new leaf-picks I bought and some cucumbers inverted flowers.

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My dinner is some left-over vegetarian food from PF Changs with a side of freshly shelled edamame. I also whipped up some fresh, fluffy rice to go with.

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Octi in wonderland

This was really fun to make. It's my bento for tomorrow, since I'm too lazy to make anything in the morning.

This is, like, my third bento. Well, it's kinda mine. My sister got bored and started helping me. So it's kinda made by her too.
Top- Rice with soy sauce, cucumber Chesire cat/lion thing ith orange bell pepper eyes and nose, hotdog crabs,(well, they were supposed to be crabs anyway. They kinda look like 'M's. Or bats, maybe.) and Tomatoes.
Bottom- Octi dogs with ketchup in the yellow container thing, Orange Bell Peppers, grapes, and cucumber Spade, Heart, Clover, and Diamond.


first day bento.

first day bento, originally uploaded by G uillotine.

I start school tomorrow. I'll be a senior. hopefully this bento won't get me teased if I don't have lunch with my friends. :P

in it, we have.. two halves of two different sandwiches (almond butter and strawberry jelly, and a chicken and cheese and mustard one) that are toasted, a salad with some asian dressing, and strawberries and blueberries.

the panda thing is a theme here because the sandwich box has a panda on it. :)

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