August 19th, 2009

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Orange Bento

sorta monochromatic...

Bottom Tier: leftover takeout- enchilada and 1/2 of a quesadilla
Top Tier: 2 apricot halves, cut-up carrot, trail mix as filler.
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I should totally be getting ready to leave for work, but I find myself sitting here, posting to the comm....
Maybe I should re-evaluate my priorities? lol.

Once again, nothing snazzy, just a quick something to celebrate the amazingly hot Alaska summer with a co-worker.

Two rolls made with Salami, letuce, and tomato, half an egg, and a mixture of strawberries, blackberries, and brocoli.

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plate, Pete & Pete

Not the most exciting...

It's been a few weeks, but I'm back!



pan fried cube steak (small pieces coated in seasoned flour and fried in pan with oil or butter)
sauteed mushrooms with Italian seasoning
dried apricots
yellow plum tomatoes from porch garden
lemon for iced tea (i drink several cups a day)
babybel cheese

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Bento # 600

Haha! I managed to time it so that # 600 would be one for ME and not for my kid! Which means I can use both cheese and nori to my hearts content!

So here it is. Another couple of ideas ganked from the new Miyazawa bento book I got yesterday ^_^

Bento # 600
Bento # 600
Rice, decorated with nori and cheese. Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce, partially hidden under a few Hello Kitty pasta and a quail egg-chicken. Sugar snaps, cherry tomato, corn cob and green tea mochi.

sharing is fun - and cute!

first bento photo post!

hi all! I have just started exploring the world of bento lunches hands-on (vs. just reading about it or oggling photos) and I am LOVING it. the ones I have made so far that I have managed to snap photos of before high-tailing it to work, I have included here for your enjoyment. behold! my first bento attempts! :D

this was my first attempt at making a cute bento for myself. I made yellow pepper stars to decorate with, there's grilled chicken in the corner, lots of baby tomatoes (mmm!!) and some sliced/chopped bell pepper in the corner.

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