August 17th, 2009


Today's Bento

I'm starting a new semester in my PhD program and I want to start packing my Bento lunches/dinners again. I use to pack a bento for myself, but I got busy/lazy.

This is my dinner for tonight. It's leftover Chicken Biryani with a slice of lime for decoration. The other one is edamame for a snack if I need it. I will try to be more creative tomorrow. The left box is a new one I just got from a local grocery store and it's pretty cute. :) Happy Eating!
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Pita Pizza Bento

It's been months since I posted! I've been packing bento lunches pretty much daily, but have been too lazy to photograph/post them. Here's one I found in my camera from June or so (I think):

Bottom tier: Whole wheat pita with tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, and Buffalo mozarella slices
Top tier: cucumber (from the garden!), strawberries, grapes, tiny homemade lemon poppyseed muffin with orange glaze.

I will try to get back in the game starting.... NOW!

Bento #2, Gibbon

i got my gibbon box the other day and today i made a bento for it:

top tier:
raw broccoli, red pepper pieces, brown rice onigri, celery sticks and red pepper strips
this is all on a bed of bok choy, which you can't see, sauteed marinated tofu cubes, celery sticks, red pepper strips

i love gibbon and that he's putting a nanner on his head.

thanks for looking!

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Bento # 598

We had broccoli (among other things) for dinner, and when I sliced the stem, some funny characters emerged. So they were an obvious thing to use in the bento for tomorrow:

Bento # 598
Bento # 598
Watermelon hearts, cauliflower, corn cob, meatballs. Orzo with ketchup, parsley and broccoli stems.

(and yes... ketchup on pasta is perfectly normal here!)

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Kidlet plays a game called Build-A-Bearville and wanted his character in a bento, so here we go!

Kidlet has himself drawn on cheese with food color markers on top of a soy ham sandwich, checkered apple, carrots, dressing, cucumber, and cherries!

Hello bento lovin people

School is starting on thursday for me. *bummer*

I got my new bento that I ordered. Just in time!
I'm gonna make a super special back to school bento to cheer me up and give me good luck.
So I was wondering.
What kind of things do you guys put in a special occasion bento?
Thanks in advance ^ ^.

I make it so good, I never get to eat it.

I had made such a delicious bento for lunch tomorrow....then my sister went ahead and took it, deciding to eat it with her I threw something else together quickly since it was late. So now, we have garlic pasta, salad, a slice of tomato, a cut of cheese and brocoli. The cheese had actually been a sun, but one by one, my sister started eating off the rays, and I got too tired to do it over.

DSCF1449-Copy.jpg picture by kurikuribebi 

To make up for the lame bento, I made myself an awesome desert to go along with it. And for once, my desert is actually healthy! It consists of yogurt, different berries and a sweet treat, simply but nicely arranged.

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