August 16th, 2009

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My recent bento... I'm amazed, Mom is impressed!

She used to comment on my little flower shaped sandwiches and say, "Who are you packing lunch for?" For the HK snack bento she asked if I'd taken a picture before I started eating. WOW! *AND I converted her to plain Greek yogurt for lots of things. :D

Hello Kitty Cake dessert bento!
Hello Kitty Cake dessert bento!

Bottom... Raspberry Hello Kitty microwaveable cake mix that I bought at Mitsuwa... for the pan. It was going to expire soon from the little bit I could read. I decided to decipher the directions. I knew nothing but "Picture of milk" 45ml and the wattage/time on the microwave. I decided to go for it! It worked and was delicious.

Silicone cup of Chobani 2% Greek Yogurt with a drizzle of honey and Ranier cherries. YUM!
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summer picnick bento

Julybento, originally uploaded by Semioticghosts.

Folk on my course had agreed to meet for a picnick to discuss how to best define the nature of being integrative practitioners. Mainly, we ate and laughted together though, which was lovely. I took this bento with cucumber, figs, mini garlic and herb Boursin cheese, three bean salad, brioche twist, lamb koftes with pickled peppers and hot tomato salsa in the Hello Kitty pot. This was a little too much food, but the roll was a welcome afternoon snack

Picture sadly not in focus, my standards are slipping :(


Bento # 597

My kid's lunch for tomorrow. Another of the classics (fishies are always easy to do if you're devoid of other ideas...). The rest bears witness to the fact that we had spring rolls for dinner so I had the fryer on. And while it was on, I might as well plop a lot of other things in it ;) - so the mini spring rolls, the tempura and the fish fillet is all deep fried. Not healthy at all - but very very tasty *LOL*

Bento # 597
Bento # 597
Tempura-fried broccoli, mini vegetable spring rolls, fish fillet, corn cob. Sweet chili sauce in the piggie. Macaroni-bits with pesto, decorated with carrots, leek, dill and a little bit of shizo/basil furikake.