August 11th, 2009


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This one was made for my mom. She is a big BSG fan and has to be in training at work for the next 5 weeks for a new project so I thought some special bento were in order!

She has a roast beef sandwich with BSG symbol cheese, checkered apple, carrot sticks, dressing, cucumbers, and pretzels!


Bento # 591

As I'm finally on the late shift (YAY!), this is my dinner for tonight. I tucked lots of delicacies in it because I'm always more hungry for "yummies" when it's late. And hopefully this can keep me from binging on sweets *L*

Bento # 591
Bento # 591
Teriyaki chicken-scraps. Green tea mochi, corn cob. Watermelon. Rice with teriyaki sauce, decorated with quail egg, cherry tomato, carrot and cucmber. Writing says "kaeru" (frog)


Two for one

My internet failed spectacularly last night so I have two bento to post today, today's and tomorrow's: 

Today's lunch had a little cup of cloeslaw in the top left, I've been having trouble with other things rolling into the coleslaw so I tried to build it a little lettuce fort... didn't work.  Coleslaw and blackberries, yum!  Does anyone have a way to stop that happening all the time?  Otherwise there's a mini wensleydale cheese (nice and local) with a slice of fruitcake (started at christmas and still going strong, I swear it's indestructible!), there are some slices of boiled ham below the coleslaw, slices of ricotta stuffing wrapped in bacon on the right, blackberries in a little cup, and finally cucumber and tomatoes all on a bed of lettuce waiting to be turned into salad with a little panda of lemon dressing hiding up the top. 

And here is tomorrow's. Shu mai and gyoza on the left with a fishy of soy and a kitty of sweet chilli, edamame and tomatoes on the right and underneath that are some shortbread biscuits wrapped in sugar paper.  I will have to wait and see just how soggy the biscuits may go, it's always a gamble, especially preping the night before as I do.  

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