August 10th, 2009

Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #66: comfort food

Contents: tortilla de patatas bits, white rice onigiri with whole sea salt, a cherry tomato as gap filler, carrot sticks and a couple of sugar free candies.

Yesterday we were gifted with the best homemade tortilla de patatas, made by a lovely Spanish girl for our family, so I had plenty of tasty leftovers for my bento today. Yay for comfort (and yummy and convenient) food!
totoro bento

Bento #240

Only 10 bentos left until #250!
This one is heavy on the proteins - hopefully it will help me back up from the nasty cold I caught at Aikido last week! Having a cold in summer feels silly.
Poof pastrymini quiche, half a hardboiled egg, lentil hazelnut balls, cherry tomatoes, sliced celery bites and peanut butter and raisins for dipping them, and a mint cookie for dessert.


My bentoblog:

575 & 576: onigiri and soba

Sadly I have been falling down on the posting job. Now that Muffin is done with her show and school hasn't started, I am not even making bento! But will start up again when school starts. This is from her week of technical rehearsals for her show. The onigiri are filled with chopped barbecue (pulled pork shoulder).

Here is another of soba in peanut sauce with a little broccoli stem friend. In the lid are homemade lemon ginger cookies which are heavenly! 

Em rocks

dirt cheap bento boxes to sell or trade - please help me clear some space in my cupboards!

Mods, I checked the guidelines before posting this, and I didn't see anything prohibiting private sales, but please advise me and delete if I am mistaken. Thank you! :)

All items are very gently used (5 times or less), or new and unwrapped (as indicated). All prices are in US currency. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay under username emilie_knight

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Reasonable shipping (only what it costs me, no surcharge) - about 4$ to the US for a two-tiered box, less for the rest. I will combine shipping.

Thank you! :)))

Bento # 590

Getting close to Bento # 600,only 10 more to go now. And since 590 also is an anniversary of sorts, I went a little overboard with the decoration I guess. But it turned out quite nice, I think...

Bento # 590
Bento # 590
Plain rice with teriyaki sauce, decorated with orange bell pepper, salmon paté, salami, cucumber peel, dill and half a quail egg. Watermelon flowers, the other half of the quail egg, wrapped in a cucumber rose. Corn cob. Roast chicken teriyaki chicken. Cucumber "thing". Chocolate/sesame mochi for dessert