August 9th, 2009


My 1st Bento Box

This is my first ever bento box lunch.  It may not seem like alot of lunch for some people but I don't eat much in the day & theres no meat because i'm vegetarian.  From left top is strawberrys, grapes, dried fruits & nuts, dried apricots, homemade fruit & seed bar, japanese seaweed rice crackers.
Do you think this is nutritionally balanced?
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Bento # 589

School holidays are over. As of tomorrow it's back to business. And back to bentoing for me. Also my own holiday has come to an end, and that means I will be making the occasional bento for myself as well in the near future ^_^

Bento # 589
Bento # 589
Quail egg/cherry tomato "mushrooms". Salmon paté flower with Cavi-Art. Chicken Hotwing. Tomato balloon on top of pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese. Happy peep made of spicy baloney, orange mini sweet pepper, fried ham strips. Cucumber frog.

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Bento #123: Obon


Top tier has a bed of Jasmine rice swirled with blue food coloring and Nori fish to resemble a river with Mongolian beef and tortilla "paper" lanterns.

Bottom tier has a hard boiled egg *"Daruma" dyed red surrounded by strawberries, seedless green grapes and blueberries. Next to it is some more Mongolian beef.

*A Daruma is a wish doll that come in a variety of colors, but they're usually red. When purchased, it has blank eyes. When a wish is made, only one eye is colored in. When the wish has been fulfilled, the other eye is colored in.
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Long Time No Bento

Mum has been away on holiday (leaving me free rein over the kitchen, yay!!!) But now she's back and so needs lunches again so here is the first one made from leftovers from dinner for the most part. 

Top left there's a ricotta stuffing ball wrapped in bacon, a baby plum tomato then a slice of my mozzerella and tomato foccacia with more tomatoes, a little wheel of cheese, a tub of coleslaw, some strawberries and some shredded chicken all on a bed of lettuce.   
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