August 6th, 2009


Bento Supplies!

I'm quite pleased with my most recent purchase. I placed an order at Bento Crazy on Monday and received it today! I got 3 nesting Monokuro Boo boxes and the matching oshibori and case. Love it all and the customer service is awesome. She also included a few extras--a star food pick (I adore stars!), a fish sauce bottle, & some green grass food dividers. We Cajuns call that "lagniappe". Everybody loves a little something extra! :)

Now to plan tomorrow's meal using my new stuff!

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It has been ages since I posted

My husband and son are in Ireland (it is the first anniversary of my MIL's passing so they went for the memorial mass).

I have been struggling with health stuff yet trying to keep some normalcy in my schedule and trying to get out regularly.

Today I made a bento to take down to kayaking - where I help manage getting folks out into the kayaks and do shore support.

It is in a nice sandwich box I bought from Bento Crazy - it is longer than other sandwich boxes I have.

It has some almonds in the orange case, hummus in the green one, some raw carrots and some Tandoori garlic naan from Trader Joe's.

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Gourry: Itadakimasu!

First bento in awhile

I haven't done a bento in a long time, but was recently motivated to get back into it after getting sick of a) midnight McDonalds runs since I work from 7 p.m.-5:30 a.m. and b) frozen dinners.

Top layer
- Ketchup yaki onigiri (really, REALLY good) that had previously been frozen.
- Edamame
- Container of okonomi sauce for the onigiri and edamame
- Mini multigrain pretzels from Trader Joe's

Bottom layer
- Blueberries
- Plum tomatoes for gap filler
- Half of a spinach and mushroom quiche from Trader Joe's (the other half was my pre-work meal)

- 70% dark chocolate bar (only 100 calories!) again from Trader Joe's

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sailor v

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This is fluffy fried chicken pieces, cherries, strawberries, sakura shaped pineapple, sauteed zucchini and onigiri made from brown rice. Maybe I made it wrong, but it had a texture way different from white rice. I wanted to try it, and I'm not too sure if I'm a fan of it. The nori face punchers are fun, but my nori piece started to get a bit less stiff due to the humidity in my kitchen. So it was near impossible to get them to work, lol.
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Soboro bento

This was today's lunch. I have forgotten how much I liked making soboro for bento. Easy and delicious. I was about to put the soboro on top of the rice, as one would for a soboro donburi (rice bowl) but then figured that it looked nice on the side so that everything was clearly presented.

Pork and mushroom soboro, rice with black sesame seeds garnish, vegetable stirfry (asparagus, Chinese leaf and carrot)