August 3rd, 2009

First Picture-y Bento

This was a bento made  by me and my best friend, her first time and my first actual picture-based bento ^_^

Hot Dog and Spinach Palm Tree; Cheese Clouds; Cucumber Fish; Pepper Starfish; White and Blue Rice; Chocolate Treasure Chest; Skittles Treasure.

It would have come out better if I'd had a wider container, but I hadn't actually thought about proportions when she was cutting things to size. Oops, good to know for later >.<

This is my second week making bento, as of tomorrow I'll have made 17 bento in less than a week and a half. I'm really excited, and so far everyone is really enjoying it. And my dad is really happy he doesn't have to make his lunches even if it is just a few weeks! Thanks everyone for the inspiration and final push to get me going :)
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Comfort Food Bento and Tea Talk

matevana roobis chai

Tea for today is a MateVana/Roobis Chai blend from Teavana. I can never get the tea to taste the same way that it does in ths store, drats! I think I need to start putting more tea in (?) I played around with the sugar amount today and it didn’t seem to make a difference, so I think I’ll try making it more concentrated. Though, this already seemed like there were too many tea leaves and not enough tea! Oh, I didn’t snap a picture pre-drinking, so this is my tumbler post-drinking. I drank two of these and I’m not really more awake (supposed to be the same amount of caffeine as coffee!)

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What foods do you think of as "comfort foods" that others might find disgusting?
his cakes ascend

Wow. Hisashiburi.

I've hardly made any bento lately... and I've posted none of the ones I've made... but, now I have a new job, and I'm going to start eating lunch away from home again, so I felt like I should make a good impression by working a bit harder on my food. (I know that makes no sense.)

Anyway, here's my bento for tomorrow. It's pretty simple, but took a little longer than I wanted to make, since I kept overestimating the amount of space each food would take in the box. That's why I ended up adding so many random fillers. I guess I'm out of practice.

This bento contains: chicken apple sausage, curry croquette, sauteed bok choy with garlic and green onions, carrot chucks, two pork and leek dumplings, tofu squares, and puchi tomatoes.

Here's another bento I thought was worthy of being outside a cut. I made this one for my boyfriend's bus ride back home. He's a notoriously picky eater, but I think he at least tried most of it. The contents are: chicken apple sausage (can you tell I'm fond of it?), sekihan onigiri, sauteed green onions and corn, orange slices, a puchi tomato, and mini sesame and peanut brittle on the side.

Behind the cut are a few more random bento I've made since I posted last and found worthy of photographing.
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