August 2nd, 2009

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One of my first bento!

Hi, I'm Arlein. I'm french, and relatively new to bento. Here is a bento I made today, for me and my family.

On the left, we have rice. There's an octopus on the top (because I'm really fond of these animals^^), made with a vegetable pancake, carrots, cheese and ketchup for the eyes. 

Then there's some cherry tomatoes. On the top right corner, vegetables pancakes : I didn't follow any recipe, and I was quite surprised that it turned out so good. My family really liked it too, and that made me really happy ^^
On the bottom, there's sauteed pork tenderloin, with soy sauce sweetened with a bit of sugar and vanilla extract. It was an experiment, and it was quite good !

I had a lot of fun making this bento, and eating it was a real pleasure !

Also posted at 0bentofrench , but in french.

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