July 31st, 2009


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I was quite pleased with the way these two turned out.

bagel day bagel day
Top: two mini bagels and a saucer peach. Bottom: salad made of chopped carrots, cucumber, tomato and celery with dressing in the case. Lid: two pieces of cheese and a small granola bar.
Curry Flowers Curry Flowers
The base is made of cauliflower, onions and cottage cheese with curry paste. On top there are meatballs and a flower made of cherry tomatoes and snap peas. Raspberries and yogurt on the side.


貧乏人の雑貨お弁当 (Poor Man's "Zakka" Bento)

Today is “zakka” day! Zakka (雑貨) basically means “many different things”, though it most commonly refers to little kitsch items that decorate the home. It’s also been described as “the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane”, which this bento definitely is! I think I’ve put more things in this bento than I ever have before! I also realized that this week, all of my bento have been vegetarian (minus the roe here)!

A simple square box filled with: usui tamagoyaki (thin egg), daikon, rice, temari sushi, grapes, edamame hummus, and a jabanero tortilla.

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