July 30th, 2009


Konnyaku Stir-fry, Daikon, Pudding, Grapes, Tea


Whenever I make dishes using konnyaku, I end up making too large of a portion. I think this is because all dishes call for something to “balance out” the konnyaku since it has no flavor of its own and an un-appetizing texture to most. So, even if I use the littlest amount of konnyaku, I have to add at least equal parts of other ingredients, which adds up quickly.

This dish is quite interesting and goes well with pickled daikon and rice (in my opinion). The original idea I had in mind for this was with bean sprouts and chives, but I ran out of both of those things, so I used scallions, green pepper, garlic, jicama, and carrot. It was nice, but I didn’t love it. I wouldn’t make this recipe again, but I look forward to experimenting with konnyaku!

Speaking of experimenting, I’ve been trying a bunch of teas lately. So far I’m in love with my grandmother’s genmaicha (玄米茶) and chanakara melon oolong tea. What are your favourite teas?

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