July 29th, 2009


Picnic bento: two versions

We are experiencing a heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest. Max of 31-36(!) and min temperatures of still 20 degrees C at night. Coupled with high humidity and little or no wind = Bleah. This is set to last for this entire week. Eeks. Of course, there are folks who enjoy the high summer and make the most of it with picnics and outdoor dining, swimming and plenty of iced water and ice cream.

I much prefer last week when it was warm and sunny but at a decent temperature (around 22-25 in the day). I packed two picnics last week, one for lunch and one for dinner; both were eaten at parks. The first was much more simple than the other, since that was made a day after a long plane ride and I was all jetlagged. The second one took more time and effort and looked better. Both were delicious though and we certainly enjoyed the fresh air and fresh food.

The first picnic: blueberries, cheeses (applewood smoked and swiss), cherries, honey ham and Turkish bread. Local blueberries and cherries in season are THE BEST.

The second picnic:

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I could never fill up all 3 tiers of this jyubako box for two person. I used the third tier to hold chopsticks, soy sauce and some napkins.

I suppose my point of this post is to encourage people to pack a healthy and delicious picnic, using a variety of colours and food groups, and enjoy the summer. Even if you don't have the time to do cute cut-outs and pretty arrangements, it can still be a healthy, delicious and enjoyable. Using regular containers or your bento boxes also help reduce waste, compared to grabbing sandwiches and salads packed in disposable plastic containers or wrapping at most supermarkets. Just remember to keep perishables (e.g. cheese, ham, salads) cold in a cooler or insulated bag, and with cool packs. So go on, pack a picnic, whether simple or more elaborate, and enjoy the summer :)
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Double the bento!

I haven't made many bento this week because I've been insanely busy. so I thought it would be a great idea to make two (one for room mate, other for boyfriend) before I went to the hospital to visit my friend. So here they are...

This is a moogle, isn't it cute? I had cherries that are going to go bad eventually, so I thought this was a cute way to use them. I saw some on Anna the Red's bento and added cherries. There's shredded carrots, fried chicken, green grapes with a monkey pick, my tamago yaki (first time I ever made it, doesn't look very layered, but it passes.) And some tonkatsu sauce in the piggy.

This is Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth~! I used a cherry for it's jewel and kamboko for the eyes and mouth. I take it back what I said about Wilton food markers, they're amazing on kamboko. But that's about it. Then there's some what better tamagoyaki, chicken katsu, katsu sauce, shredded cabbage with carrot chrysanthemums and ranier cherries with some new picks I got in. Although I should have given boyfriend the moogle, he's more of a gamer but mokona looks so happy to be devoured...
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Bentos 9, 10, 11

The next set ^_^ I'm already at 11 in less than a week :D

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I'm really excited for my bento tomorrow! I have leftover Pad Thai for it!

I was wondering if anyone would know if there is a pattern for knitting a furoshiki?

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Bento Box #65

Contents: sandwich with pork loin, egg salad with a roasted sesame crunch, tomato slices and corn salad as a garnish. Raw carrot sticks in the smaller box. 

Another super-fancy sandwich as I have a very small break on monday and wednesday and why yes, we have a big "whatever pork" sale in our local supermarket (lucky me, yay!). XD