July 28th, 2009

Mom you never do that for me

So Pottery Barn has a kids catalog with lunch boxes and has a photo of a star sandwich and an egg bunny or cat or mouse or something.  And Little Man looks at it and says "why don't you ever do that for me?"  Huh??  Because I am a big meanie that sends you with a peanut butter sandwich and raisins every day...  DOH...  Yeah so the egg animals had to make it into the bento today.  Not quite what I would usually do, but thanks to mass media marketing we have...

Sandwich cut into bunny, with turkey inner ears and cheese & veg face (no cutters.. no mouth...).  Egg animals, de-yolked.  Bunny-ish w/no tail, and cat/mouse creature.  I did like the use of almond slivers for ears.  Berries, chese round cut in half, apple chunks and carrot leftovers on a bed of lettuce that He Must Eat today.

I have a few more but will post later - Live Journal is not behaving today and I need to drop off a bento care package to somebody on the way to work... it's coming.. I swear...


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I've been making a lot of bentos but I didn't bother to photo most of them. But here is a recent one I was proud of.

A leftover zucchini crustless quiche, chicken fingers with plum sauce, beets, grapes and a two-bite coffee cake.


a summer bento.

with my new box from Japan! :3

salad (with orange and yellow peppers, onion, carrots, spinach and lettuce, olives, and chickpeas), strawberries and bananas, and, in the back hiding, rice with cheese on it and some apples.

I took a bit of a break (I didn't pack much this last year, actually), but hey, I'm back in business. :)

I just realized that I've been packing bentos since I was 12! I feel so old now ;_;
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Totoro & Pizza Bread Bento

Totoro wants to eat the Pizza Bread?

I think I did a good job of filling in all the extra spaces and having a good balance of fruit, vegetable, and carb.

This is a new bento that I purchased from Rakuten (via Crescent Trading). It’s hard to find sandwich case bento when you’re on a mission! There are only like two readily available designs and I didn’t like them.

The top is lined with wax paper (I took some small sheets from my local store’s bakery section) and contains Pizza Bread from my local Korean Bakery. Pizza bread is actually quite common in Japan and I ate it many times when I was there. This one seems more like a “leftover” pizza, and it has a weird layout of plain bread + ham + toppings. The toppings are also weird, and seem to have no rhyme or reason. I saw onions, mushrooms, cheese, crab, and sauce. It tasted pretty good and was quite filling.

The bottom holds dragonfruit stars, a chinese leek & scallion bao (the legitimite chinese name escapes me for the moment–I’ll update later), pretzels, raisins, and apple cinnamon “cheerios”. I’m struggling to find out how much food I actually eat because even though I only had half of the pizza bread today for lunch (the other half is already cut and will be used for later this week), I am incredibly full right now. Sometimes I pack more than this and I’m hungry throughout the day!

P.S. the furoshiki is from Japan and has Chu-Totoro and Chibi-Totoro on it with flower blossoms. I really must get/find more furoshiki~. I’m sure I bought more than two in Japan! I guess I can make some out of the fabric I bought in Japan as well.

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Neko Mari

A quickie bento

My preschooler is loving his frog bento. Here was today's offering for lunch at the library:

Top tray: 2 chocolate dream cookies, crackers and dried fruit medley.
Bottom tray: corn dog rounds, string cheese, edamame and radish stars and flowers

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First Post I Think~

I think this is my first post here. :3
It's not my first bento, but I plan to start posting here. I invested in a rice cooker yesterday and again I've become obsessed with making bento's. *___* I made this for my fiancé to take to work.

Top Tier: Basmati rice, grated carrot, breaded chicken strips, organic grape tomatoes
Bottom Tier: Carrot flowers, cheese sticks, cucumber sticks.

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Happy Couple

Bento #119 and 120: Culinarian's day

this is my first post here, but I have been lurking for a while now.

DH's Bento:

Top tier is Jasmine rice with a maraschino cherry and sirloin marinated steak on top of a romaine lettuce leaf. Bottom tier is sliced fuji apples with skewered blueberries.

Mine isn't much different:

Only difference is that my top tier has seedless green grapes around the fuji apple bow and blueberries.

Also, don't forget to join bentochallenge. This week's theme is "culinarian's day." Each week a different theme is posted with a set of instructions. If you enjoy making themed/kyaraben, you'll enjoy this community! :D
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