July 27th, 2009

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bento #92

bento #92, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

Didn't feel much like making anything special, so this is just some stuff I had on hand.

Octodogs with catsup. Quatrodogs, really: Kosher hotdogs don't cut as cleanly as non-kosher and tend to fall apart if you cut them too finely.

Hummus with wheat crackers.

Hardboiled egg and a Babybel cheese.

Sugar snap peas & baby carrots (leftover from last week's bento).

Champagne grapes.

Pearsauce and a chocolate-dipped madeleine.

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Bento #43 and #44

Very simple lunch for work.

Sandwich Box: peanut butter and blueberry jam sandwich
Top Tier: carrots and apple slices
Bottom Tier: cottage cheese and cheese slices

I tried colored rice again.  The pink isn't as cool as the blue, but I do like it.  Especially with the heart shape. :)

Top Tier: ham, swiss and pickle rolls and carrots
Bottom Tier: pink heart rice and a boiled egg half
Sidecar: soy paste, apple slices and a boiled egg half

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Panda Bread

Hello Everyone,

I hope this post is allowed. The posting guidelines don't really specify whether this type of post is allowed. This is what I consider a great find!

I came across a site that posted a translated recipe from Japanese to English for Panda Bread. It's a loaf of bread that has cross sections of panda heads. I've not made it yet, and don't really have any plans on making any. Thought that some of you might be interested in making some for your bentos. Those of you who have experience making polymer clay canes might have an advantage.

Monday Bento

This is my first bento made for me! I finally get to enjoy one ^_^

27 July 2009 (8th Bento)
Rice with Nori Decorations; Pork Veggie Gyoza; Sliced Plum; Grape Tomatoes; Cucumber Hearts

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