July 25th, 2009


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It's been a while since I've posted any bentos. I haven't had much time lately since Hubby hurt his back. He's been through spinal surgery now and is slowly on the mend. Also, not many bentos happening since summer vacation started. Here are the ones I got photos of. I'm kicking myself for not getting photos of the two awesome picnic bentos I did for the family. I used my new picnic bento I got in a trade and it is perfect for 4 people. I'll will make sure to get photos next time.
Bentos #141 - # 152

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I know this is another post really soon after the other. But first I wanted to try and get the cut right, and I really wanted to share this bento. This was made for my brother, and was one of a group of three that comprise my second real attempt at bento.
1 onigiri with mushroom soy sauce filling; fried rice left over from yesterday's omurice lunch; 3 pork veggie gyoza; 2 octodogs; cucumber hearts (he only likes the seed-y part); apple shapes; pepper shapes; raisins

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Hello Ktulu!

Backlog: bento boxes 62 & 63

Contents: onigiri with homemade tama gomashio, raw veggie sticks (carrots and yellow bell pepper) and two olives on cute pics.

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I'm only showing the #63 here outside the cut because the #62 has been named as "Salad Nicoise gone bad". I was really looking forward to try it, but something went wrong during the box assembling phase and that's the result. Despite its awful look, it was still delicious and refreshing and was happily gobbled down nonetheless. ;-)
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This is a bento of Saizo from the anime Peacemaker. He's a piggy that makes really cute noises. I made him from ham, hotdog pieces, kamboko and nori. Which is sorta...weird, considering he's a pig and some of those things are made from him. Then there's Italian chicken with Italian dressing in the piggy, checkered pear, a purple jelly, spoon and an apple bunny. Along with the corn cob pieces. The rice is a mix of yellow dyed and white.
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