July 22nd, 2009

my bento article

I haven't been posting much during this busy summer, but have been making bento! The other day the local paper sent a reporter and photographer over to shoot me making some bento for Muffin and her friends. It's in the paper today http://tinyurl.com/mj67nc

cooking mama


I just saw these today, they are compartmentalized lunch boxes geared for kids. Their goal is to reduce the waste from all those plastic baggies. They are so cute, and come with 3 sheets to stickers to customize them.


sailor v

Ranma 1/2 bento

This is P-Chan from Ranma 1/2. Made from Nori and cheese underneath it to help it stick. Cheese was too soft for the eyes, so I relied on kamboko for the eyes and feet...colby cheese made his bandanna with nori accents. I got an exacto knife today and hooked my printer up so it was time to do something a bit more difficult. I printed out a picture and used it as a guideline. But it ripped...a lot. So I had to free hand somewhat. There's baja chicken legs, frozen mixed berries and green beans underneath the carrot top. There's some rice a roni ontop of white rice for the background for P-Chan. I think my boyfriend will love it <3
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