July 21st, 2009

sailor v

Rukia's drawings...(Bleach bento)

Translate really good into a bento. Rukia is one of the main characters from Bleach that can't draw.

The bear represents bad spirits, hollows, and the bunny represents good spirits, wholes. Really confusing, but she loves bunnies more than bears so it looks happy while the bear looks angry. So there's a checkered apple, corn on the cob sections and Japanese hamburg. (Recipe from Anna the Red's Bento Blog.)

The bunny/bear is made from kamboko with nori for decoration and furikake for the back grounds. The shredded cheese represents the lightning back ground for the bear, hearts for the bunny. I don't think this is going to hold up well in transit, so I made the boyfriend take a good look at it first. Even he who hates Bleach thinks it's a cute Bento. <3
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