July 20th, 2009


Quiche Bento

This was a quick leftover bento made of two slices of a quiche I had made the day before (and almost got gobbled up completely by my roommate lol), broccoli florets, half a tomato and a plum that refused to fit in in one piece.

I'm not too happy about the empty spaces in this, but that box is a little too big for me anyway, so the amount of food was just perfect. It was a good light summery bento and I will definitely pack quiche again!
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bento #91

bento #91, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

Cold bento for a hot week! This is a lot of food, but a lot of it is raw veggies, which I swear sometimes actually make me hungrier.

Ham, Havarti cheese, and kosher pickle rolls. An idea I got here, so thanks, community!

Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and sugar snap peas with ranch dresing.

Cherries and 2 small mung bean paste cakes. "Mung bean paste" never sounds very appetizing, especially not as a sweet, but these are really tasty.

Yogurt and some crackers.

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The tires on your car are the things that make contact with the road.  Remember that Phish song?  If so, you can imagine me singing it the entire time I made this bento.

veggie rice
salad w/ tomatoes (both red and yellow), cheese, and blanched green beans
hand painted molded car boiled egg of doom!

I bit more on hand painting on my blog Boston Bento.

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Here are a couple of my recent bentos.

Ham rolls Ham rolls
Ham rolls with pickles and cream cheese, blueberries, beans, peppers and radish. There is a chocolate bar slipped in the side.
Hot Dog Hot Dog
Hotdog in a blanket, blueberries and sour keys. There is ketcup in the cup. Crackers with refried beans, sugar snap peas, peppers and tomatoes.
Salmon Dill Salmon Dill
Salmon in dill sauce over rice with some soy sauce with two chocolate shoes. Salad with dressing and a cut up peach.
Potato Skins Potato Skins
Half a baked potato mixed with salsa and feta; black olive, carrots and green onions; tapioca pudding and blueberries. Photo quality is not so good.

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Question >_< and Bento ^P^

At first, the Bento:

Sorry for the bad photo!! The sun wasn't shining and so I couldn't take a good photo of this bento >_<" But it's much tastier than it looks ^ ^v
It's stir fry, store bought gyoza, white rice

My question:

How can I enter "Tags" into my post?
thanx everyone ^o^