July 18th, 2009


Quick bento for Pokemon

Since it's summer, I've not had too many opportunities to pack a bento for lunch (obviously) so I'm doing it for my lunches at the local Pokemon TCG league on saturdays, rather than walk to the Chinese place like I used to (tasty as their hot and sour soup is). Here's the one I packed for today.

Triscuits, cheddar quesadilla wedges, and grapes

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Just a Quick Bento

This was just a quick bento made to use up the leftover home made pesto that I had.

Bottom Tier: Pesto Potato Salad
Top Tier: Spinach with Soy Sauce and Sesame Seeds, Breaded Chicken Nuggets with Herbs.

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Pasta bento, yummy

This was my boyfriend's bento last night. It's a macaroni grill box dinner that you can get in the grocery store, all you have to do is add chicken breast. It's the tomato basil kind. He also got frozen berries (look at those things, they had to be used) and shredded red cabbage and carrot. We get bags of it to mix in with our salad mix at work but we don't, so it just gets thrown away. So, as long as I remember to, I'm gonna save them and use them in bento <3 There's carrot flowers and balsamic vinaigrette in the bottle. That's not a checkered apple; it's a pear! the room mate's parents gave us a huge bag of them, but the only problem is that no one is really a fan of pears...so I tricked him into a bite and he had to finish it up. He better start liking them, there's still a huge bag left...
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Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #61

Pasta salad is a great summer staple for me! 

Contents: creamy pasta salad aka cold pasta with creamy cheese with Mediterranean herbs mixed in and oil, carrot flowers, olives and cherry tomatoes, all sprinkled with more dried oregano. Side dish (not pictured) with more carrot sticks.