July 17th, 2009

bento kitty

For Shinzi Katoh Fans

Not really a bento story but I know a lot of you love Shinzi Katoh and I just got my first order from the Japanese website, which has been updated with a new shopping cart feature, complete details are on my blog. They have tons of bento boxes too and accessories on his site. I got this adorable teapot set and more goodies.
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Bentos 10, 11 and 12!

bento for the hubs(pasta salad on greens with extra dressing, meat and cheese wheels,pork buns, shrimp shu mai, carrot and cuke)

These are both the same, a dinner I made for me and a visiting friend(salad, cellophane noodles with shrimp, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, edamame and yellow watermelon stars)

plate, Pete & Pete

The Scraps

the scraps

roasted chicken breast
broccoli rabe
yellow pear tomato
lite cheese
pastina with ramano, parsley, and ground pepper
Rainier cherries

I wrote a little bit more about the broccoli rabe over at my blog Boston Bento.  It's also called rapini and if you've never tried it, you should really pick some up.  I think it might be one of my favorite veggies/leafy greens out there.  It is naturally a bitter green, but mellows a lot with cooking.