July 15th, 2009


Couple new bentos!

I've been remiss in photographing my bentos lately, but here are a couple:

Glazed carrots, kalamata olives, rice, and Moroccan chicken with currents and dried apricots.

This next one is about how they will all look for a while since my wife started a rather intense and very restrictive diet. It's all meat, veggies, one fruit, and one small starch for a while. This bento box is the perfect size for this, however I might not be taking any more pics for a while. I'm sure they would be a little boring to look at.

Steak, asparagus, mushrooms, Wasa wheat cracker w/ wasabi furikake, apple with Tajin fruit seasoning (Has anyone else used this stuff? It's freaking amazing!).

BTW, I wanted to share a couple pics of the best damn lunch bag we've ever used. It's from Harry and David and we bought it at an outlet mall in Park City a while back. I haven't checked but it's probably available online somewhere. Pics after the cut.

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Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #60

Contents: kanitama (omelette with crabmeat and veggies) on a bed of white rice seasoned with whole sea salt and sesame seeds, corn salad and a cherry tomato.
Not pictured: soy sauce and oil for the rice and salad, a Babybel cheese to round everything nicely up!

Annother leftovers bento

Last night a friend of mine came over for dinner... he east NO vegetables and only meat. Im a veggie so that dont work well lol... the only option... Mac and cheese!!!!

Here are my leftovers made into a bento.

Contains: Mac and cheese with steamed broccoli and nori stars. With salad and balsamic / olive oil dressing.
Strawberrys and Brown sugar on the side too.
antm - allison

Bento #39

A quick bento with leftovers from last night.

Top: heart-shaped boiled eggs, mixed greens and carrots
Bottom: pulled-chicken sandwiches and raspberry vinaigrette
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Desirae flowers

Leftovers Bento

I've been sporadic with my bento-making, but I will try to make it a habit. It makes me happy knowing that I have a yummy, neatly-packed lunch to come home to. :)

Top tier: leftover crockpot beef roast/gravy, white rice with Tony Chachere's creole seasoning on top
Bottom tier: broccoli & cauliflower, Colby Jack cheese cubes with the cute kitty pick. I'm rereading the Harry Potter series right now and the pick reminded me of Crookshanks. :)
On the side: Wheat Thins & sugar free grape Kool-Aid (not shown), gummi worms
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