July 13th, 2009


Bento 206-210

Holy Crap. I haven't posted Bento since, uh, January. And apparently I made some in February I never posted....so this'll be an attempt at trying to remember what's in the boxes. LOL. I returned to the US in April, and only tonight decided to make my mom a bento to take to work tomorrow since we had fresh basil and cucumbers growing in the garden and it inspired me.

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Busy Bento

Some days I just put food in a box and others I manage to throw something like this together.  I'm very happy with this one, I like my bento to have lots of little things going on and this one certainly delivers. 

From the top left: a star shaped egg, a babybel on top of some baby plum toms, ham whirls, cherries on top of cucumber wedges, strawberries, more baby plum tomatoes, a kitty of mayo and a panda of lemon dressing and an itty bitty homemade cake all on a bed of lettuce. 
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Bento #36, #37 and #38

I haven't had time to post, but here are the last three bentos. :D

The first two are super boring. I was out of groceries and this was all I had left.

Top Tier: pasta in a red sauce
Bottom Tier: cheese and sliced cucumber

Top Tier: cheese and sliced cucumber
Bottom Tier: tortellini in a red sauce

This one was made after grocery shopping, so it turned out much better.

Top Tier: cottage cheese, ham, swiss and pickle rolls and soy paste
Bottom Tier: star shaped onigiri and fake crab pieces
Sidecar: strawberries, carrots and a star shaped boiled egg
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Bento Box #59: back to work!

After a "OMG! I'm late! I need lunch! I'll just throw something in a box..." quite extensive period, I think my new start at work will help me to get back into the bento habit. ;-) I have two jobs now and I'll need plenty of energy to get me through the day, hence the three-box combo.

Contents. Bigger box: (mildly curried and peppered) egg salad on hard wheat bread with corn salad as garnish, a couple of (peeking) onigiri with whole sea salt and a coffee sugar-free candy. Medium box: mixed salad (corn salad and soy spouts) with oil and soy sauce in the HK container. Smaller box: carrot sticks and a Babybel cheese with a flower cutout.

And just for the sake of showing off the first time I used my lovely nori punchers...

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New bento maker

I'm new to bento making .. here's my first three tries. I still am working on ways to speed up the box packing :) I've made my own onigiri, sushi and potstickers and I'm really happy with my ability to make yummy bento-sized food :)

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Another Bento Italiano...sorta

July 6

fresh mozzarella and tomatoes
salami sandwich with “Lazy Girl’s Focaccia”
sixlets candy

Sorry for the darker picture, I was too lazy to pull out my photo tent that night. Anyway, this is one of my bentos that have been inspired by my Italian American background. I would eat a lot of lunches like this during the summer months.

Check out my blog, Boston Bento for more info and some basic instructions on how to make the "Lazy Girl's Focaccia" I used for the sandwich.