July 12th, 2009

sailor v


This is a charaben of Kon from Bleach (an anime/manga/musical). My boyfriend doesn't care for Bleach, where I'm a fan, so its fun to torture him with the cute mascot character threatening to eat his jelly. (See how menacingly he holds the spoon?) I shaped him with saran wrap, but I didn't stuff the separate rice pieces. I used swiss cheese for accents, coloring some of them with food markers. I used an egg sheet for the fur around his neck, but it didn't color right (food coloring might not work too well with egg) and it was too thick. There's a jelly, cherries, sauteed zucchini and terriyaki chicken. Unfortunately, it got tossed around at his work so it was in several pieces and rice everywhere. He looked to the picture I uploaded and said. "So that's what it was supposed to look like." T_T At least he thought it was yummy still.
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Hachi MC

My First Bento <3

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I've loved bento for a long time... since before I even knew what they were! I remember watching "My Neighbor Totoro" when I was a small child and thinking the food they were eating was really cool! (When Satsuki packs their bento lunches.) I'm not a very good chef, but I'm trying different things and making rather "Americanized" looking Bento. It's a lot of fun!

Nice to meet you all. I'm excited to look at everyone elses bento and get some neat ideas!
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