July 10th, 2009

Two Great Helpers!

A couple of weeks ago (I think)  someone posted a pic of their daughter on here and my kidlets decided that they wanted their picture on here as well.  So this morning while I was taking pictures of my husbands bento I let them be in one.

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Here are my two helpers(bedhead and all).   They love to get up early and help me decide what to put in daddy's lunch for the day. 
They also love for me to pack bentos for them as well, but I don't do that nearly as often as I should.
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Pita lunch

Child has cheese & ham in pita, with yellow pepper, cucumber and carrot sticks and cream cheese in the bear for dipping. Pineapple on the side and carrot, apple & raspberry juice to drink. I think he's getting a lot less picky, because that's not something I'd have got past him a month or two ago, and today he approved everything again, hurray!

Baby and I have very similar, so I've not pictured it; we have fresh fruit, and baby has cream cheese and grated carrot in her pita, and steamed broccoli instead of veg sticks. Oh, and we have yoghurts (normal for me, baby for her), and she only drinks water (and milk).
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I'm really please with how the colours worked out in this one.

On the left there are chicken fingers, a two-bit strawberry coffee cake and a couple of tomatoes as filler. On the right there is a salad made of wild rice and peaches, sugar snap peas and blueberries.

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When I decide to cook a little...

July 9

This bento required a bit more effort in that I did some cooking.

Italian Potato Salad
Cucumbers with rice wine vinegar and red pepper flakes
boneless ribs with spicy and sweet dry rub
Sixlets candy

For more details on making it, and a quick update about my History of American Packed lunch project (and by quick, I mean SHORT), please check out my blog Boston Bento.

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Today's bento and snack bento:

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Turkey and cheese tortilla rolls (that kinda fell apart, lol) with a spinach tortilla, grape tomatoes, fresh Ontario cherries (!), little dinosaur cheeses (I seriously love those things), and the leftover tortellini from yesterday.
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More bentos, finally!

I have been bentoing, but nothing has been looking that special. I got inspired earlier in the week though, so two of my lunches are publishable, haha.

This one has little rice balls made to look like Makkurokurosuke from Spirited Away. I also added cherry tomatoes, olives, radish mushrooms and sliced pickled radish (the yellow stuff) all on a base of greens. The rice was flavoured with cod roe furikake. The eyes are cheese and black sesame seeds. I also have a tea egg in the corner.

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Ode to Ramona

I decided to try to expand that large eye thing that was a mistake the last time I did it.  We are reading Ramona the Brave, in which the lead character, Ramona Quimby, is in first grade and gets angry and scrunches up a classmate's paperbag owl, so I thought trying to re-create the owl would be fun. 

PB&J sandwich cut into owl body, cheese with "v" shaped feather cuts, Little Man's initials in cucumber (SH), cherries, goldfish and a few blueberry fillers. 

Mine is the pink one - Spanish tortilla wedge (like a fritata or omelette with potatoes and peas), blueberries, pepper scraps, carrots and cuke scraps.

A lunch built round a garnish

Last night my husband went to a fancy thai restaurant (www.arusthai.com) that was waaaay more fancy than what he was planning for on a weeknight but he brought home the cutest goldfish carrot garnish in a cup for today's bento.    So last night I had to come up with a theme around this goldfish.

Bed is Korean ramen noodles, octodog, hot dog fish, red pepper squid, pea and cuke seaweed/coral (don't really have that coral down yet), swedish fish on yogos gravel in sidecar.  It was all eaten.  yaay.

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Right-before-vacation bento

Husband came home and we are going on vacation. I am SUPER excited.  It was much deserved and highly anticipated!  We'll be hitting up some states this island girl has never even dreamed of visiting.  Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I will most def have lots of blogworthy food photos for all of you when I return. 

This is the last post I will be posting for the next three weeks.

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Hamburger on wheat bread, lettuce, onions, tomatoes to put in the sandwich, and a mayo monkey.

I'm out!
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It seems many people were out of groceries today! So was I, usually I plan my bentos very carefully but I could absolutely not find anything green to add :( Maybe the grapes can count as pastel green? D:
There's pasta and sauce, an olive, corn, lentil burgers with ketchup, la vache cheese, grapes, and carrots and hummus for dipping. I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow ;_;