July 9th, 2009


First post and first bento box!

Hello everyone.  I'm a stay-at-home dad from Salt Lake City and have been wanting to make bento boxes for my wife for a while now.  I've been lurking here, getting ideas, and I finally took the plunge last week.  Here is how it turned out:

The top tier has broccoli, watermelon, cantaloupe, and carrots.  In the bottom is rice and jerk pork.

plate, Pete & Pete

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July 8

This is a quick bento that is pretty typical of bentos I make mid-week when I am most busy and not that interested in cooking anything extra for lunch. This is also what my bentos look like when I don't have much in terms of leftovers for dinner. Still pretty yummy and seasonal though.

As an extra note, I have decided to do a little project on my blog tracing the history of the packed lunch. In stead of just focusing on Japanese boxed lunches, I am hoping to expand my view a little bit. If you are interested in watching my progress, please check out my blog Boston Bento. 

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So Tuesday was my orgo exam, and I thought to myself, "Well, self, it's your first bento after defeating the orgo exam, let's make it special!" Then I opened the fridge and discovered there was NOTHING inside to be had. "Oh dear, self," I thought to myself, "what shall I put in my bento box?"

And thus:
Rightmost tier: Two frozen onigiri, with some damp nori put on top of the saran wrap to give it some decoration. Empty space.
Leftmost tier: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich circles. That poor sandwich, destroyed in the name of bento. Oh and a cheese wedge. And some empty space.

As I was cleaning up the dishes and putting my bento to chill in the fridge I remembered that because I don't have class, I can eat lunch at home, thereby rendering my bento irrelevant.

I do like the photography though.

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569: pasta

Little snack for Muffin today -- leftover baked pasta, lettuce, French green beans (blanched), bread and butter pickles and a tiny tomato. She has started packing her own snack for rehearsals, sometimes bento and sometimes not. So I'm getting a break!

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Wow, it's been months since I've done a bento. I'm really intending to commit to them now, because I love them so much.

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This is today's bento - rainbow tortellini, chicken-less nuggets, plum sauce, and tomato and cheese skewers. I was intending to use mini bocconcini cheese balls, but it wasn't smelling too good when I opened the container. Alas.

I found something adorable while shopping the other day, as well:
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Korean potato salad and gyoza bento

(click for larger image)
Korean-style potato salad, cherry tomatoes, 2 gyoza, gyoza sauce in Hello Kitty.

This is called Korean-style potato salad because it is a poor substitute for Sorabol's potato salad.  Sorabol is a Korean restaurant in town that my best friend and I frequent for lengthy girlie conversation.  They bring out about 8 (free!) side dishes with every order.  It's always random, so I'm always hoping that this potato salad is on the menu for the day.

Korean-style potato salad
2 potatoes, cooked (I cut mine up into cubes and microwave for 6 minutes)
1/4 block kamaboko, minced
1/4 cucumber, minced
mayo, to taste
salt and pepper, to taste

Mash potatoes until it resembles lumpy mashed potatoes.  Mix in other ingredients.  Chill and serve.

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I'm very sorry if this isn't allowed, but recently I had my Live Journal hacked. The horrible culprit did nothing directly to my journal, but posted several mean and hurtful comments in several community posts. I'm trying to track them all down and apologize directly to those hurt. I'm very sorry for this and intensely embarrassed. Please believe that I would never say such things.

Bento Meals: 7/9/09

I apologize in advance for the blurriness of the photos. I figure it's better to have slightly blurry photos (from my cellphone) than no photos at all! :-)
My husband backed the breakfast bento, and I had packed the lunch bento.

Grits topped with scrambled eggs, sauted onions,
orange bell pepper, and cheddar cheese.
(I just noticed that the orange pepper pieces were a smiley face.)
Ohjinguh-Nakji Bokkeum (spicy squid/octopus veggie stirfry)
with brown rice and toasted black sesame seeds
(I love how the baby octopi looked.)

(also posted on Be My Bento.)

first three (postable) bentos

So, I am in Germany to improve my German. I have lessons all morning till 13h but I can't hold that long without food, I need my lunch at 12. So, I started packing a few things (I had been watching this community before and I had made a few bentos but those are the first few worth posting).


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antm - allison

Bento #35

I took a break for a couple of days. I just didn't feel like making a good bento. I am proud that I have been using my reusable sandwich box for PB&Js and a side box for my pretzels. I am excited about this for tomorrow though. It should be a pretty good time.

Left: pasta with a red sauce
Right: applesauce, mixed greens, cucumber flowers and raspberry vinaigrette
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