July 8th, 2009

My first attempt at apple bunnies

I was trying to think of a way to spice up a boring sandwich bento this morning.  My husband doesn't mind me doing cutsie things to his food , but he prefers for me to leave his sandwiches alone. (no sandwich rolls or cutting into shapes)  So I thought this would be the prime opportunity to try apple bunnies!  I think they turned out okay, I'm going to need a sharper paring knife to make it easier.
Left:  apple bunnies hopping in a meadow of green grapes, swiss roll
Right: goldfish crackers, string cheese, pb&j sandwich

Yum Yum!

Bento 7-08-09

My boyfriends parents have a garden, and they love unloading all their potatoes on us. So I've been trying to find easy recipes that use potatoes. There are bags and bags of them T-T I managed potato salad last night!

Lunch in my new Bitter and Milk bento from IchibanKan :( A toast to them, here here!

Top tier: Potato salad with a Cinnamoroll shaped cheese (green pepper features) and a Cinnamoroll shaped hard boiled egg (I LOVE that shaper!)
Bottom tier: Flower shaped kiwi, watermelon, carrots, celery, Laughing Cow cheese, and blueberries for filler
Sidecar: Grapes
Not seen: a pack of truvia for the kiwi and a hard candy in the lid

I've been making my boyfriend a bento everyday in that big picnic bento I found. I only use 2 tiers, so it leaves room for an ice pack. And it's plenty of food for him (I know the sandwiches are inefficient, but it's what he requests) I'm not allowed to do anything cutesy with his lunch, so it's rather plain (even the sauce cups are pushing it!)

Top tier: Two ham and cheese sandwiches, mayo and brown mustard in the cup
Bottom tier: Watermelon, potato salad, carrots and celery, Ranch dressing in the cup.

Bento # 588

Once again, my work hours coincide with dinner time, so I have an excuse to make me a bento. Also, my hiragana-cutters arrived yesterday and naturally I've been dying to try them out ^_^ がんばって!

Bento # 588
Bento # 588
Rice with furikake, frog made of cucumber peel, corn cob and cheese. "Gambatte" written with cheese. Cherry tomato flowers. Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce. More cherry tomatoes and corn cob. Tamagoyaki.


Some bentos

I've not been posting these as much as I had hoped on here or my bento site, but I just uploaded a bunch, so here's a few (with more on Be My Bento).

Bento lunch: 7/2/09
top tier:
Pickled broccoli (http://www.maangchi.com/)
Blueberries and quartered strawberries
Vanilla yogurt with a dallop of strawberry preserves

bottom tier:
Bulgogi (marinated grilled beef)
Romaine lettuce
White rice with toasted sesame seeds and utensil nori cut outs

(A similar one was made for my boss, except I only included items from the bottom tier.  He thought it was so cute that he took pictures of it on his blackberry.)

Breakfast Bento: 6/24/09
Kimchee scrambled eggs
Pickled Broccoli (
2 Babybel cheeses

My son's first bento meal. 6/21/09

pureed peas
3 low sodium gerbers turkey sticks
apple sauce
2 rice husks (broken into pieces)

New Bento box

Just received my new bento box from Japan and I love it.  So to celebrate - ta da!

Top: heart shaped cucumbers, fresh apricot, steamed green beans and mushrooms sauteed with sake
Bottom: steam rice and pork tonkatsu with mayo container
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More Mackrel

This time the mackrel is in the form of smoked mackrel pate in the top right corner.  Below that are halves of toasted milk roll.  To the left of that there are ham, soft cheese and cucumber rolls with some cucumber sticks underneath and in the top left a Hello Kitty boiled egg with a kitty of mayo and a cherry to fill in the gap. 
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