July 7th, 2009

MMMM...... blank spots.

the veggies have been coming home uneaten - from the boy who used to eat kale and asparagus, so I had to tell him he can't eat his snack crackers until he eats his veggies.. he's such a good boy that he will too.  He didn't eat the fish candies yesterday cause he told me "I know I didn't eat enough good food to have my treat food".  Aww.

Anyway - today.  mini pizza - english muffin, canned pizza sauce, an ounce or so of shredded cheese under the toaster oven.  Pitted olives, omato half cut into a flower, blanched snow peas and carrot rounds, cukes, berries and crackers & raisins.  And yummy blank spots (argh - maybe I should have taken that photo class in high school...)  The nut allergic classmate is at summer camp too so we are limited with nut snacks, but Little Man really likes the seed and soy butter so maybe I'll break that out tomorrow.

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because i like to eat lunch

hi again! been lurking/posting occasionally. i've always wanted to do octodogs but my last attempt was a failure (i thought i needed small sausages, but the ones i found sucked.) but we've been getting a lot of these skinny hotdogs and i thought HEY MAYBE THESE WILL WORK. so i cut em down to size and they fried beautifully, if i do say so myself.

summatiemz bento
[sliced up pickle with pepper, macaroni salad with papkrika, octodogs, penguin full of ketchup, and scrambled egg]
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Poke bento

With the hubby gone on military business, I've been eating a lot of poke.  Foodland, commissary, even costco carry some good, fresh, raw fish.  When husband is home we eat out and we eat a lot of steak.  He would eat steak every day if I wasn't the one to tell him no.

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Poke bento 1: Cauliflower, impromptu salad with greens and tomatoes, poke, salad dressing in chococat.

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Kid bento

I have a preschooler; sooner or later I was going to give these a try. And the verdict? He enjoyed this and I will occasionally make these as a change-of-pace.  But I prefer making animals and shapes out of fruit and veggies rather than processed meats...

From the top, clockwise:  fresh blueberries, a container of mustard for dipping and leftover hot dog slices, 2 "octodogs" and an onigiri sitting amid edamame.

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Tuna Sushi.

Tuna Sushi Bento II

My first attempt ever with making sushi handrolls. I never quite got how to roll them but decided to wing it.

Rolling them turned out to be easier than I thought. Picking them up with chopsticks however was a completely different thing altogether.

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101 things to do with mackrel

This bento is just one of those things:

Smoked mackrel on rice with an egg furikake sachet, a heart(ish) shaped boiled egg, a kitty of mayo and cherries.  Simple but a lot more photogenic than yesterday's lunch, which was also using up the damned mackrel. 
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