July 5th, 2009

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Daytrip snack

Hello all.

First daytrip bento of this vacation! As a snack though for 4 people, and not all to complicated or fancy, but it tasted lovely :) 
And I had a first real good try on my thermo bento bags. I had the red hello kitty box in 1 and surrounded it with plastic icecub thingies and the other had had a coolingpack on top. And it stayed lovely and cool. We had the fruits around 3 or 4 and we packed them at 8 in the morning so I'm very satisfied!

I'm sorry for using 2 pictures without 1 in a lj-cut, but I'm on another computer than usually, and it does NOT want to cooperate -.-

Blue shaun the sheep box: All kinds of shape-eggs on a bed of a mixed salad.
I had a loose strawberry bottle with some salt for the ones who wanted a bit on their eggs. It was one of those bottles that was a candy-powder bottle first and worked perfecty! :) 

Red hello kitty box: Green grapes and strawberries on a lettuce bed with some picks :) 

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Roast Potatoes and Sausage Bento.

Roast Potatoes & Sausages Bento

I made this after coming home from work one night, craving for roast potatoes and sausages- my idea of comfort food after a long, hard week.

I boiled and roasted the potatoes and sausages the night before so all I had to do the next morning was boil the asparagus, unmold the chocolate molten cake and slice up a couple of strawberries.

Too easy and sooo good.