July 3rd, 2009

4th of July Bentos

Well neither my mom or I have to work since the 4th falls on a Saturday, but I still tried to make our bento's a little more patriotic with the deco.

Here's mom's bento #6:


Top: Red cup with cottage cheese mixed with diced peaches, and a cup of kiwi stars and leftover peaches.
Bottom: Ham and Pepperjack Cheese rolls. [She liked these so much last time, she asked for them again.]

And my bento #13... under the cut:
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Boring bento

Not the most exciting bento, but I wanted to post it as I think it's the first time I've ever managed the five different colours rule! This is for v. picky ten year old, and all the items are pre-approved.

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I finally broke down and got a keroppi sandwich case. This lunch was for the Hubs, and it's exactly what he requested.

Contents: smoked turkey, cheddar, and mustard sandwich; sour gummy bears, carrot sticks, grapes, bear-shaped egg, and half an orange. I wish the orange wasn't so pithy, it makes it look moldy or something.

All Aboard! Bento # 587

Thanks to .. er.. OMG what's your LJ name again... You know who you are.. I hope.. who bought a lovely set of Shinkansen bento boxes for me and had the trouble sending them here I can now make a train bento to take with me on my train *L* I hope at least ONE of my colleagues will notice ^_^

I went a little overboard with the filling, the largest box is almost large enough on its own really.. but I wanted to use more of those nice boxes.. so here's three out of four:

Bento # 587
Bento # 587
Chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce. Edamame on skewers. Roasted mixed mushrooms. Corn cob in slices. Rice mixed with shizo/basil furikake, decorated with tulips made of cherry tomato and sugar snap peas. Strawberries in slices with mini marshmallows.