July 2nd, 2009

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My bento #12

Top: Cucumber Skewers, Finger-sized bologna sandwiches.
Bottom: Green Salad w/ malt vinegar not pictured.
[Yeah our lunches look a bit similar, we're low on groceries and money this week lol]

I got my order from Ichibankan today and everything was so cute, as expected. It makes me even more sad they won't be around much longer.

Well, in the order I got my mom a bento box which she really loved. Got pics of her bento box, open and closed, under the cut.

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Lunch for July 2nd. I've noticed that my bento have become decreasingly elaborate since I started making them. I'm coming up on the last exam of organic chemistry (who knows what OsO4 and hydrogen peroxide do to an alkene? anyone?), so hopefully after that, my bento lunches will become both more frequent and more involved.
Topmost tier: Sliced farmer's market apple with a little container of peanut butter (cleaning be damned!)
Bottommost tier: Steak and daal, underneath a blanket of scallions so you don't have to look at the gray-brown mushy masses.

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Bento # 586

After a little break, my own working hours today falls so it would be sensible to bring a bento.

Oh and am I the only one who still, regardless of the fact that since my kid is home on her summer hols and do not need a bento, still scours the shops for bento-suitable things? Only to come to the realization of "but.. I do not NEED this because..."

Bento # 586
Bento # 586
Fish/tofu cubes, deepfried and skewered. Sugar snaps, strawberry in slices with two mini-marshmallows. Edamame with garlic-pepper. Quail eggs with nori faces. Rice with shizo/basil furikake.

all these things that i've done

Umbreon charaben

I made this for my friend who loves Umbreon. Unfortunately, she lives far away, so I'm eating it.

Top tier: Long grain rice, heavily peppered chicken with tomatoes, and spinach. Umbreon made from nori, processed cheese product, and part of a tomato. I have some homemade sweet and sour sauce for the chicken and rice.
Bottom tier: blueberries, slices of lemon for the blueberries, mochi daifuku, and kiwi (yes, I like the skins.)

I should have packed this in my black bento box, but too late. ):

I wish I had a decent camera, but I honestly can not afford one. Sigh.

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hi!!! i haven't posted anything really before, and i'm sad to admit that i haven't made any bentos in a while either, however, with the upcoming holiday, 4th of july, i was hoping to make a bento for myself, and a snack bento for my mom... to eat while watching the parade...

but, i need to find something that tastes good, is healthy and keeps well in the heat... so, any suggestions??

hope this is okay.... much appreaciated!!! Thank you!!

(oh, and i will post pictures!!! i got a new fujifilm camera!)
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Umm, hello. I am for the time being just a lurker here. Recently stumbled across this community in back entries of LJ spotlight. Since the rules said it was sometimes ok to ask questions, I realized that I had a few and decided to neatly place them in the form of a poll if you lovely members wouldn't mind taking it Collapse )