June 29th, 2009

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A bit plain today.  Turkey & cheese heart sandwiches, steamed snow peas, zig zag peppers, blueberries, cheese stick & olive skewers, & 2 Swedish fish.

Box update - the chococat & 1 cinamoroll box are spoken for.  I still have 1 new unopened 300ml cinamoroll.  email me at mxhashim@hotmail.com if interested.


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Dear new bento box I just ordered from IchibanKanUSA.com: I promise that from now on, when I want to put frozen onigiri in my bento, I will turn to one of my Tenmari boxes which hold those little guys easily. In the meantime, put up and shut up.
Topmost tier: Two frozen teriyaki salmon onigiri, with a new recipe of wakame in sumiso tucked in.
Bottommost tier: Sliced strawberries with two vanilla wafer cookies.

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Bento #25, #26, #27

I have a little catching up to do on posting.

A light bento for a snack while at work.
sliced apples, baby carrots, edamame, berry applesauce

Top Tier: sliced apples and baby carrots
Bottom Tier: boiled eggs, rice onigiri with fake crab, edamame and soy paste

Top Tier: rice onigiri with fake crab, slice apples and soy paste
Bottom Tier: baby carrots and edamame

Also, I'm excited, I used three different bento boxes over the last three days. Whoo!
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First Post

I've been lurking for a while, but no posts. So I figured I'd post an older bento I made. (I'm trying to get through a back log that I've taken.)

This is a lunch I made for my boyfriend. the rainbow rice took a lot of time, and it's a variation of another one posted in my journal. There's a lot of rice in here, but that's the way he likes it. I had some colors already done and frozen. I don't mind using artificial food coloring, and I wanted to see how colorful I could make a bento. There's fried chicken breast, katsu sauce in the piggy, apple bunnies, cherries and sauteed zucchini. I pestered him to see what he thought, and he told me how his co workers thought it was ice cream. :P
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Inarizushi Bento

This wasn't intentionally meant to be Independence Day colors, it was just turned out that way.

contents: Inarizushi, cherry tomatoes, blackberries, a strawberry, smoked turkey breast, and a bunny egg.