June 28th, 2009

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Motivation bento

Hello all !

Been a week or so since I made a bento, since my vacationtime seemed to be crammed with all kinds of things that needed to be taken care off at home. And it been too warm here to find energie to do a lot with food. (around 28 to 30 degrees is a lot for Holland! and I'm not a hot weather proof person -.- )

So I made myself a simple-vacationfridge leftover-sunday-motivation-bento to get myself to eat.

Top: Paprika/spring onion/mushroom/herb/egg scramble with a bit of cheeze sprinkled on top, cherries, kiwi slices.
Lower: Lettuce bed, wheat spaghetti pasta with green pesto, mozarella flower with cucumber center.

And I have to say it did worked. Was the most decent in last days. x)

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I've found that cucumbers are as easy to carve as apples and they don't brown.  Cukes with Little Man's initials (S.H.) cut into them, fish sticks, carrot flowers, halved yellow cherry tomato with edamame stamen, raspberries and a few stray blackberries, and some heart shaped cookies in the cup.  BBQ sauce in  a sidecar for dipping.

I finally took pics of my cinnamaroll and chococat bento that I would be happy to pass along to another house - if anybody is interested please email me and I will send them.  I don't really wanna ebay them.