June 26th, 2009

camp lunch that looks like a sad face

This didn't look quite so silly before I took a picture - it looks like some forlorn sad face with clown makeup.  That wasn't really the effect I was planning.  I was gonna try some owl thing with the apricot halves & grapes but didn't have enough time to putter this morning while convincing LittleMan that yes, he did have to go to camp today (but I did promise he could stay home for the next two days...  ;) )

Fake chicken nuggets w/side of BBQ sauce, red pepper strips, apricot halves with grape inserts, turkey wrapped around blanched green beans, heart shaped cookies in bear box and pumpkin candy as filler.


Snack Bento

A bento mit inarizushi, tamagoyaki, cherry tomatoes, muffin and a babybel goat cheese. Those were the first tamagoyaki I made that came out perfect! My other attempts so far had been a little disastrous! lol But I think I got the hang of it now.
antm - allison

Bento #24

A little lighter today. I'm planning on eating out tonight, so I tried to make my lunch a little lighter to make up for it.

Top Tier: avocado
Bottom Tier: baby carrots and ham, swiss and pickle rolls
Sidecar: PB&J (not pictured)
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You know the adage, "be careful what you wish for?" Well, I wished for the opportunity to make more bento. It came in the form of me volunteering for an extra day of work this week. Maybe they'll give me a raise... (See, that's funny because I work as a hospital volunteer. If you multiply 0 by 1000, it's still 0. Rats.)

Left tier: Homemade daal (the gray mushy stuff), and steamed gai laan, with a container of oyster sauce.
Right tier: Strawberries dipped in chocolate.

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Bit of this, A Bit of That Bit of this, A Bit of That
Main course is a stir fry of back bacon, peas, rice and a ton of mushrooms. The salad layer contains a mini tomato aspec in the middle surrounded by spicy pickled veggies. The dessert layer is apple slices and chocolate fish.


Bento # 585


My kid's summer hols has started but at least I have to work for another couple of weeks before it's my turn to relax. So there's still going to be bentos from me in the coming weeks, just probably not as many as usual.

Bento # 585
Bento # 585
Onigiri with tuna salad, decorated with surimi and nori. Pork chop in slices, more surimi, sweet corn, potato salad with a cucumber Kitty, Strawberry/banana skewers.



Because of the way my comps are set up now, backlogs are more likely than when I first joined. :P

June 17
Jun. 17, '09

Top Tier: Half a Sub Sandwich, Apple slices
Bottom Tier: Salad w/a variety of lettuces, tomato, red onion, carrots, & cabbage; Dressing; Banana chips; Fig Newton under the Chips

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More good news since the diabetes thing: I've been steadily losing weight (as ordered by the doctor) over the last few weeks—12 pounds so far. And bentos are a big part of that weight loss since they make it easy to estimate portions (I'm using the old Mayo Clinic pyramid, the one with veggies on the bottom). Course, the hard workouts with my Core rhythms program definitely helps. ;)
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