June 25th, 2009


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Quick bento Quick bento
(l->r, t->b)wasabi peas, mushrooms, tomatoes, dried cranberries, tuna in peanut sauce over mixture of brown and wild rice with cooked carrots and gummy worms.

Yesterday my husband actually asked me to "Get some more trippy bentos like the three eyed alien one" because he "liked that aspect of weird" they brought to his day. Time to do some shopping :-)

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Even though yesterday I steamed some gai laan and made some pretty tasty daal, when the Leftovers Faerie says "Use this up or I'll throw it out!", I must obey. *sigh*
Topmost tier: Sliced farmer's market apple with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese.
Bottommost tier: Brown rice with chicken and gai laan stir fry.

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antm - allison

Bento #23

Left Side: mixed greens salad and ham, cheese and pickle rolls
Right Side: cottage cheese and apple slices

As always, I'm super excited to eat it. :)
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Bento 11

This was today's lunch. I actually forgot to bring my cell in so I didn't get a pic of it until I sat down on break this morning, lol.

If it looks familiar, it is for the most part.


Top: Cucumber & Carrot Sushi, cucumber sticks and carrot sticks [leftover from sushi making yesterday]
Bottom: Cantaloupe with Kiwi Flowers.
Not Pictured: Soy sauce for the sushi, ranch dip for the sticks.

I think they turned out better looking than my first try. I had more of a handle on what to do. Also.. I had to use leftover big sheets of nori rather than the small rectangles that came with the packet. They were way too flimsy and tore apart.

I've not tried the wet knife tip yet [I'd already made these when I read it =P ] So next time!

Leftovers Made Pretty

So tomorrow I'm taking leftover pasta to work.  Filling, tasty, but visually pretty boring.  It could also do with some more vegetables, from a nutritional perspective.

Given that it's leftovers, I had a bit of time to play around with it.  I blanched some broccoli - I just boil the jug and pour the water over some broccoli florets and let them sit for a few minutes while I'm doing other things.  The snow peas are nyummy raw, and the mung beans are just sprinkled over there.

I have no idea why my husband thought it would be a good idea to buy mung beans, but it turns out I like them.  =)

Instead of using one of my bento boxes, I used this lunch box I bought today.  I'm a sucker for lunch boxes in general.  Anyway this one might be of interest to Australians or New Zealanders (given that I bought it in Australia, and it's made in NZ) - it's a 'Klipo', made by Sistema, and it's dirt cheap.  This one is 675ml, so a good sized lunch, and it was under $4.  I also bought a 200ml one for sides and snacks and toddler bento, and it was $2.  I got mine at KMart, but there are probably other stockists around - Sistema stuff is pretty widespread.

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