June 24th, 2009

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Bento #21 and #22

This is my bento for today. As always, I am excited to eat lunch. :)

top tier: veggie lasagna and cottage cheese
bottom tier: mixed greens with beets and carrots and rabbit apples
lid: pretzels
bottles: raspberry vinaigrette

This is my boyfriend's bento for today. He always likes it when I make him bentos, but I rarely have time. Yesterday I did.

right side: vegetable lasagna and cottage cheese
left side: mixed greens with carrots and mushrooms and a checkered apple
sidecar: raspberry vinaigrette (not pictured)
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picnic turtle picnic turtle
Thanks to the idea bentomama posted yesterday, I sent my little one off to her end-of-the-year kindergarten picnic with this snack, made with half a pear and strawberries. I just couldn't come up with anything to use for the eyes

Getting back in the swing of things :)

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The flower sandwiches are held together with cute picks - you can kinda see the green one, but the orange one is hidden by the cherries.  There is an elephant pick holding together the center pinwheel on the salad since it was not 'anchored' by the side of the container.


June 24 (now for June 25 - the office ordered sushi) --
Side Car: Mixed Greens Salad w/ ham turkey and swiss pinwheels, a bear shaped boiled egg and carrot flowers
Bottom Tier: Macaroni Salad w/ carrot and green onion flowers and edamame
Top (Onigiri) Tier: Flower shaped ham turkey and american cheese sandwiches, baby carrot sticks, pitted cherries, a ringding in the center with foil to protect it from moisture and some blueberries tucked in the spaces

June 23 --
Botom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens w/ ham turkey and swiss pinwheels, radish slices and a boiled egg that was car shaped but the egg slicer kinda mangled it :(
Top Tier: Macaroni salad w/ carrot and green onion flowers, blueberries and apple and melon gummies As always for his salad, he had a container of light ranch also
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