June 22nd, 2009


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Nothing particularly fancy today. Every time I bring in a bento lunch, my bosses wonder if I have a little bunny egg for them to coo at.
Left tier: Sliced farmer's market apple.
Right tier: Brown rice, and chicken + gai laan + peanut stir fry I made myself last night. Stir fry is easy, it's the prep work that takes forever and a half. x_x But mmm, gai laan. I love gai laan. Any other Chinese broccoli fans?

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On a roll!

I think I'm finally getting back into the bento swing of things and that makes me (and my husband whose lunch these are) very happy!

Left: pb and apple cinnamon jelly sandwich, string cheese, cut up swiss roll, airhead candy
Right:  broccoli, grapes, french onion dip(for frito's and broccoli), frito scoops

I am always trying to tell people not to be deceived by how small bento boxes look because if you use the space in a smart way you can fit a ton in them!  Even I was a bit surprised by how much I was able to fit in this lunch and there are still some gaps here and there!

Red Vegetables and Rice

Red vegies and rice - click on the image for a larger version.

It's mixed stirfried vegetables and cashews with coriander (cilantro) - the red colour comes from the beetroot.  Oh, and a hard boiled egg.

The rice is garnished with an umeboshi and some slices of lime, which I squeezed over the vegetables before eating.
antm - allison

Bento #19 and #20... and some new bento gear

i didn't get a chance to post the pic of my sunday bento. Here it is.

top tier: rice onigiri with fake crab middle and soy paste in the bottles
bottom tier: checkered apple, slice pineapple
lid: two chocolate cream cookies

Then tomorrow's lunch is really exciting. I didn't make lunch today because I didn't get to go shopping until this evening. I was so excited about the stuff I bought I had to make it tonight. :D

left side: cottage cheese and ham, swiss and pickle rolls (I forgot the username of the person who always does those, but thanks for the inspiration!)
right side: salad with mushrooms, carrots, beets and raspberry vinaigrette.

I'm also going to make a PB&J, and put it in my new sandwich box that I found tonight.

Which brings me to the new bento gear. Check it out behind the cut.

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Tuesday's Bento

Top tier:
morning snack - celery & peanut butter (in large HK)
afternoon snack - almonds, grape tomatoes, dries apricots (granola in the small HK for breakfast with yoghurt)

Bottom tier: lunch - falafal balls, almonds, dried apricots, chili

Activia red fruit & cereals yoghurt for breakfast


Bento # 583

Leftovers from dinner presented in a rather silly - but fun - way ^_^
(and yeah.. as always, Hubby couldn't tell what it was -_-' )

<td>Bento # 583
Indian fish curry, bowl of bananas and blueberries, one single red grape. Rice and cucumber peel.</td> </tr>
Bento # 582

totoro bento

Bento #236

There we go, long hiatus but now it's two in a row!
Just something quick and cobbled together, but nice anyway: Leftover Bulgur and cherry tomatoes from the vine in the small box, Ajvar, broccoli, hardboiled egg, pieces of veggie burger and (because I ran out of ingredients and had lots of space left) half a banana chocolate muffin in the big box.


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