June 21st, 2009


Bento # 582

A week or two ago, I did something clever *L* - We'd had rice and chicken for dinner and there was suurplus rice AND some of the wonderful gravy from the chicken. So I filled my thermo containers with a layered miix of rice and gravy and popped it in the freezer for later. And "later" was... today. So here's one of the world's fastest bentos, with pre-frozen rice, roast beef from a pack and onion rings from Burger King *L*

Bento # 582
Bento # 582
Rice, on top of chicken/tomato sauce, prettified with flowers made of sugar snap peas, green asparagus, carrot and mini corn cobs. Roast beef rolled around more green asparagus. Onion rings, more sugar snaps. Strawberries and blueberries.

RK: Saito Hajime

I Hate Jury Duty Bento

I have to report for jury duty tomorrow so I made a bento just incase they keep me forever. The face perfectly depicts how I feel about having to find a courthouse in a town I'm unfamiliar with. ;_;

Hard-boiled egg surrounded by Italian Orzo Salad
For dessert, a piece of instant cheesecake with strawberry jam and almonds

...I really need to buy groceries. >.>
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