June 20th, 2009

fridays lunch


cheddar, cream cheese, spinach & turkey rolls, grape tomatoes, sugar peas, teddy bear hummus, heart cucumbers, yogurt in the red lid container, pickles in the white lid container and raisins :)
in yet another hello kitty bento in a cooler lunch bag because i went garnet hunting today :)

Bento # 581

So many people automatically think "sushi" when they hear about bento, but really.. maki sushi is kinda rare in "real" japanese bentos from what I can tell. And yet it's one of the easiest things to make. So because of that, and because this will be dinner for both me and my oldest daughter who's travelling with me on the train today, I decided to make her sushi. Her little sister who's the usual bento recipient, doesn't like sushi but Big Kid does and once in a while you should indulge them ;)

Bento # 581
Bento # 581
Fish/tofu balls, strawberries, soy, gari in the kitty container. Maki sushi with avocado, surimi, leek and wasabi.