June 19th, 2009

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question(s) re:nori

No pretty lunch photos from me, sorry! :D;; But I do come bearing a question:
What is your favorite brand of nori? Are there brands that are more black than others, and are these generally a higher quality?

Most often I see the brand YamamotoYama, but it seems to me to be very thin, crinkly, and green. I don't have much of a problem with the taste, but my sister says it tastes more fishy than usual to her. I've gotten laver from H-Mart and it was just about the same. Both packs are fairly cheap, so could it just be low quality nori? Or am I just crazy? I'd really like to get some nice, dark nori for decoben; I think it in general looks more appetizing.

Thanks so much, and sorry if the question is a bit redundant, but I don't see much on the interwebs~ :c

Two in a row!

I have successfully made, taken pictures of and posted my husbands lunch two days in a row now.  Nothing much for most but for me it means I'm getting back in the groove. : )

Top: peas, carrots, goldfish crackers, laughing cow cheese for crackers
Bottom: Salisbury steak and gravy, potatoes, goldfish swimming in a sea of potatoes

Bento #002

Bento 002

Right: Sesame noodles (from this recipe; I made these last night and they taste even better the next day)
Left: Organic vanilla wafers, Chocolate pudding

I wanted to keep it simple today and do something with the leftover noodles. I had intended to add some carrot flowers, but they had gone bad. Unfortunately I was unable to use natural light for the photo so I was stuck with the kitchen light (hopefully it'll be sunny for Monday's photo /crosses fingers).

Bento # 580

My kid has the day off (lucky her!) but since I'm working late, I made a bento for myself. With lots of Hello Kitties because I like Kitty ^_^

The nori cutout is made with a gadget I got from J-list. A Nori cutter/puncher thing with a Kitty silhouette and a sort of rubber mat. I won't recommend it. Yes, you CAN make a nori Hello Kitty with it, but it's a hassle and not at all as easy as it looks from the description. I'd rather have a large Kitty nori puncher... Those work! For die hard Kitty Collectors, it's a must have of course, but for the rest.. not so much :)

Bento # 580
Bento # 580
Lentil stew decorated with carrot Kitties and -stars. Strawberry. Blueberries on skewers. Avocado with lemon juice. Sugar snap peas. Rice with nori, gari and red Cavi-Art™

bento chibi zutara
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Bento #54: iron-y

Mustard in the pink container, cut-up store-bought meatballs, purple carrot, mango, sweet millet porridge

I wanted to make a bento with food rich in natural iron, because I lost around 200ml of blood when I was donating blood plasma, and something went wrong (usually, they return the actual blood cells back to the donor's body). I was also a bit tired at that time and didn't feel like making anything too elaborate, thus store-bought meatballs and sweet millet porridge (a traditional Russian dish, rich on iron, quick & easy o prepare).
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