June 18th, 2009

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too much sun~

there was so much sunlight coming in I couldnt get the picture i wanted but this would have to do ^_^ i felt like it was a picnic bento a bit i cant wait to eat!

frozen leek quiche
leftover crispy chicken
homemade seasoned potato sticks
daikon stick with carrots

have a great day!
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antm - allison

Bento #18

top tier: avocado, boiled egg
bottom tier: sliced apples
side car: onigiri with fake crab and soy paste in the bottle

A light lunch today. I'm not feeling the best, so eating a lot isn't exactly part of the plan today.
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This is the Bento of Oh God It's 10:30 PM, I Have Work  And 10 Pages Of NMR Problems Due Tomorrow, Agh! Thus, a new personal best was born: a bento slapped together in 10 minutes.
Left tier: Sliced strawberries, straight up.
Right tier: Frozen salmon teriyaki in mixed rice onigiri, with leftover sumiso wakame tucked in the empty spaces.

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Yum Yum!

Bentos and Bento size woes!

Quick and basic bento for me
Top tier: Tuna salad with cheddar hearts and flowers, club crackers
Bottom tier: black berries, celery, carrots, french onion dip in the cup, and a dango/daifuku/mochi-esque snack.

My boyfriend's bento

Top tier: 1 and 1/4 ham and swiss sandwich with celery and a grape tomato. Mayo in the red cup
Bottom tier: Celery, carrots, grape tomatoes, and cantelope; french onion dip in the yellow cup.

Ok, So, I got my bf the 900ml bento from ichibankanusa.com. Unfortunately, it's too small for him, he's a big guy with a big appetite who eats a few smaller meals a day. I found myself having to pack a separate container/plastic baggy with extra food to keep him satiated, which kinda defeats the purpose of the bento in the first place. Yesterday I managed to stuff 2 sandwiches in the top tier, and it was messy and ugly and hard to eat. I also don't have time to think of the logistics of shoving two sandwiches into a bento. I was at a loss, because I didn't even think a 1000ml bento would do...

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Kitty rawr.

StayFit at Wal-Mart

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but Wal-Mart just started carrying (as far as I can tell..) StayFit EZ-Freeze lunch containers...they're very inexpensive, and pretty good quality. I picked up the lunch-to-go for about $6-7 and a salad/etc container for $6. They're all pretty big, and the selection is here:

Hopefully I'll be using this and posting a lunch pretty soon!

1st post!

Hi! I believe I haven't posted here before, just been a lurker.
I've started making bentos again, for my boyfriend who is of to work every day.
These are yesterdays and todays:

I have a question too, as you can see my matching bentoboxes are quite small, and my boyfriend needs quite a bit of food, these boxes doesn't always satisfy his needs. I would very much like some tips on how I could pack my boxes with satisfying and nutritious food and still make it look nice to the eye! TIA <3


Bento #9

I wasn't supposed to work tomorrow, but they asked me to come in for someone so I made my bento here:

Left: Side Salad
Right: Ham & Hummus wraps [-praying those are good-], and Apple Slices accented with carrot bits.

Mom's 4th Bento... Under the Cut.
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thursdays lunch


thursdays lunch
from top left going clockwise
carrots, grape tomatoes with pea stars, turkey, cream cheese, cheddar/mozz, and spinach rolls, rice with cheddar&tomato cherry blossom, olives, cukes, hummus with carrot stars, and sugar peas. soy sauce in the hello kitty bottle