June 17th, 2009

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More of a snack bento perhaps was rather quick and easy - I messed up my tamagoyaki but it was so tasty I just scrambled it haha

scrambled egg and chicken nuggets
ginger and broccoli
cheese multigrain crackers and mushrooms
plain mochi dessert

have a great day~
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And here it is in all it's adorable pinkness!  (This is the prize from the recent bento contest on bentochallenge )

Right side car:  Tomato and cheese sanwich picks next to seaweed salad and tobiko.

Left side car:  Dessert! Grapes, cherries, one apple bunny wedge and a green tea mochi!

Bottom tray (middle of pic) :  Ok, was running low on foods so I grabbed some random veggies (leeks and sugar snap peas and mushrooms). Stir fried them up in miran, soy, and a bit of sugar. Sliced the leeks and tried to keep them in ring form, harder than I realized. added a dab of laughing cow cheese in the mushroom caps and sprinkled with dill.  The white things between the leek rings are tasty pickled garlic cloves. If you like garlic they are soooooooo  good.  :)  I also felt I was lacking protien in this lunch so I stuck some sundried tomato basil turkey breast lunch meat between and under the mushrooms.

Top tray (bottom):  Rice sprinkled with tobiko and to celebrate my new cute strawberry box I made strawberry umeboshi! Italian parsely for the tops.

Adding a banana to use the banana holder.   Granted I had to admit... it looks just ...  yeah.  Well my fiance laughed when he saw it. *lol*  But it's still a fab idea. :)

And to complete the set my wet rolled towel and adorable little chopsticks. ^_^
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Bento #17

I was on vacation and unable to do bento. I missed it. Also, while I was gone, my order for ichiban kan came. So I was really excited to get back into bento. Here it is.

Bottom tier: sliced pineapple, vanilla yogurt, cucumber star
Top tier: Hoctopus (that's what my bf and I call it), cucumber and a boiled egg.
Sidecar: onigiri with fake crab middle, soy paste and ketchup in the bottles.
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Baby's first bento

Not the most exciting bento ever, but it is the first time my wee daughter (6months old) has had her own meal packed rather than sharing mine (or purees).

She has ricecake under pita with cottage cheese and grated apple, more apple, and a piece of sweet potato pie.

The thing I find difficult is getting a good mix of colours... I'd have liked to add some steamed broccoli and maybe strawberries or raspberries instead of the extra apple, but we're all out of both. Any other ideas for baby friendly colourful food? (She can't have citrus, due to family allergies).

East West Bento

Decided to treat my honey and surprise him by delivering a bento to the office. So here's an East meets West lunch meal today consists of grilled kielbasa, carrots, honeyed-kabocha squash, edamame, croquettes, radish, cherry tomato, and steamed rice decorated with corn and  furikake.
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Mini me

Tomorrows lunch is a mini version of yesterdays, 1/2 the chicken & squash, no mandarin or celery/peanut butter but double the ham/cheese roll-ups & the addition of turkey pepperoni, with the yoghurt on the side:

Top tier:
Small cup - granola in HK to got with the yoghurt for breakfast, almonds & turkey pepperoni for morning snack.
Large cup - ham & chipotle cream cheese roll-up on salad leaves for afternoon lunch.
Bottom tier:
Sliced chicken & acorn squash on salad leaves.
Peach & cereals Activia yoghurt on the side.

Thursday is treat day at work & we never know what people are going to bring in but it'll give me a little extra to eat in the morning.

Lets see if this 1/2 pint version is enough to keep me going all day!

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More chicken cakes

I was going to cook more chicken to go with this meal, but having made extra chicken cakes a few days ago, I decided to use them instead (they were made with frozen chicken mince so I don't want to freeze the cakes again). Today's lunch is chicken rice (rice cooked in chicken broth, minced garlic, ginger and screwpine leaves), chicken cakes, cherry tomato, pork and chive pan-fried dumplings and bak choy in oyster sauce


The chicken rice and bak choy were leftover from dinner. I just added the chicken cakes (leftovers from another meal) and dumplings from my frozen stash.

Bento # 579

"when out of ideas, resort to Kitty - or a frog"

And this time, it's the frog *LOL* So wonderfully easy to make and still so cute. And I originally had planned to use orzo but when digging in my large sack of various pastas (Did you know you can be addicted to collecting different types of pasta... I am!) - I found a bag of alphabet noodles, and they're small like orzo and even more fun. So little letters for tomorrow.

Bento # 579
Bento # 579
Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce. Corn cob in slices. Strawberries. Alphabet noodles on top of some bearnaise sauce, decorated with a cucumber /sugar snap pea frog, lettuce and musical notes made of leek and carrot.

Two Bento's to share

Well, I get to work tomorrow [ :/ ] so I made a breakfast bento using an idea I had for my pancake puffs. I call it 'Fruity Surprise Pancakes!' I just added a cherry or white grape to the batter as I poured it in the puff slots and so I don't know which I'll get when I bite into it. Fun huh?


Left: 4 'Fruity Surprise Pancakes!'
Right: Plain omelet style egg strips, and a cup of the extra fruit. [Bing Cherries, White Grapes]

And Mom's Bento is under the cut.

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I'm trying to get her to eat better, but she sure ain't making it easy lol. She liked the idea of my breakfast bento but she likes the fried eggs I made better than veggies etc. Yesterday's bento left untouched carrots and I laughed and told her I was going to start hiding the candy until she finishes all her veggies. [We both laughed since this is something we had to do a lot when we worked at Daycare and some kids would not eat the good stuff if they saw chocolate or candies etc.]
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